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Stewart Alsop
Just another VC in San Francisco
Just another VC in San Francisco


This is a mini-bubble compared to 1995-2000. And it will last a mini-time compared to that one. My rule: If everyone is asking if it's a bubble, it is one. And if everyone agrees that it's a bubble, it's about to end. This bubble will end in Q1, 2012.

Questions about Google+: Can you collapse comments (particularly for Scoble!) so you can scroll posts faster? How do you search Google+ itself? When will there be an API so you can cross post with Twitter and Facebook and others? How do I find posts like this that will already have answers to the obvious questions about Google+?

More than 50 people have added me to Google+ Circles today: The email notification says this "Don't know some of these people? You don't have to add them back (they'll just see the stuff you share publicly)." How about if I don't know ANY of the people who added me to their circles?!

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White House Ruins, Canyon de Chelly
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