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CNC Routers and Knife Cutting Machines
CNC Routers and Knife Cutting Machines

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The Optimus CNC Router from AXYZ is designed exclusively for cabinet makers.

It is versatile, robust and highly productive enabling you to expand your range of services, deliver quality products and improve both lead times and profitability.

Supplied as a complete solution with software, customized machine configuration and a range of specially developed options, the Optimus provides everything a cabinet maker will need.

Key features:

Heavy-duty, steel base combined with an 8" steel gantry ensures stability, high speed machining and superior cut quality.

Routing spindle and multiple drill head for machining all types of wood.

Powerful servo motor system coupled with helical rack and pinion for exceptional performance and high-speed cutting.

Aluminum vacuum bed with innovative auto zone management for efficient and secure material hold down.

Find out more about Optimus -

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When cutting aluminum on an industrial CNC router, the same, age old question keeps cropping up, do I use lubricant or not? Our application specialist recommends using lubricant when cutting aluminum, especially when working with a soft grade as debris can stick to the tool and effect the final outcome. A small amount of lubricant eradicates this issue, removing any debris, prolonging tool life and as a result delivers a high quality finish.

You’ll notice from the two finished parts that when applying lubricant, the CNC router produces a smooth, consistent cut. However, without the use of lubricant, faceted lines have appeared, this is a sign that the tool is over heating and will soon be damaged. As a result, this is the reason why we recommend the AXYZ Unist Mister when cutting aluminum on a CNC router.

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Pacer Series of industrial heavy duty CNC routers are designed for applications requiring precision, ideally suited for applications in sign making, plastics processing, woodworking and all manufacturing industries where a high quality cut finish, precise dimensional tolerances or very fine engraving may be required.
High quality, high accuracy, heavy duty CNC router.
Process areas from 60" x 48" up to 103" x 120" with 6" gantry clearance.

Visit for more information.
Contact us for a quotation on a customised CNC router to suit your needs.

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AXYZ routers on song at Craft Wales

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