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I am an atheist and I have lesions on my brain caused by megalomaniacs and and stuck up elitist class racist trash like this FUKER. 

Being poor and on benefits or uneducated (because of class differences i.e. poor verses rich) is a license for scum like Peter Atkins to please them Fuking selves to call us what they like and do what they like and yes of course poor children and adults get exploited for sex in this race also.

I would like to give this FUKER  a few lesions on the brain myself and see how he likes it.


These cuunts get where they are by treating human beings in children's homes old folks homes and the community the same way they treat animals in Laboratories.

I know that religion is outdated government a control mechanism long ago exposed as a fraud by some these days but people still believe in it and many of these people believe in it today because it is presented in a better way than before, in other words they are no longer as powerful as before. It is not a mental illness it is people believing those they trust in i.e. family mothers fathers brothers sisters friend and whole communities.

What does science mainly do, teach you to do things better and often to the detriment of others and yourself occasionally, take the mad cows disease business.  Scientists came along and showed how people can maximise profit by minimizing waste by feeding animal protein from diseased live stock to other live stock from chickens to cattle.

People who have lesions like me got them because SCUM like this FUKER can label you anything they like and get the credit for achieving FUK ALL that's ever been of any good to those they inflict these injuries on.

I would like to see the ALF about this CUUNT so they can help me put a complaint in about this to Channel 4.
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