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A week that begins with the Moon in Gemini is bound to get a little crazy! Are you crazy in love? You're in luck!

Read all about it in your weekly love horoscope:

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The new year is just around the corner, so let's have a sneak peek at your 2017 Horoscope and the year’s major astrological transits!

2017 is an important year for relationships both on a personal and global level. Find out more: Merry Christmas!!! :) <3

The Sun-Neptune square in today's horoscope makes dealing with reality feel like a massive challenge. You may also feel a strong pull towards anything that feels magical or out of the ordinary!

Watch your footing...And make sure to read your daily horoscope: !

#horoscope #dailyhoroscope #astrology #zodiac #horoscopefriends

Trial and error...+∞ .Besides, another fall, another lesson learned. Now that Mercury stations direct and we have the Sun in Libra backing us up when it comes to relationships...'s time to put the knowledge earned from retrograde mishaps to good use! Read more about in today's special horoscope: <3

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Yeap, that about sums it up! "A full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces is like getting a big hug from within." What about a hug from that certain someone though?

Read your daily love horoscope and get your asnwers :

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Jupiter changes signs today, moving into sociable Libra! Wherever Jupiter falls in your chart, shows where you will experience good fortune, abundance and growth. Find out where Jupiter is in YOUR chart and what it means for your luck:

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Today's solar eclipse new moon in Virgo means it's time for you to clean up your act. It calls on you to streamline, de-clutter and simplify your life...

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Mercury, the planet in astrology ruling communications, technology and travel, is extremely happy in the sign of Virgo which is the sign of its rulership and its exaltation...

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Astrologers often talk about the Moon going ‘void of course'. What does that mean? And why should you care? Answers inside:

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It is often said that love is blind. When they fall in love, people think that the object of their affection is the greatest thing since sliced bread and become blind to said person’s flaws. Read on to find out how astrology explains this:
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