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One of the key components of sanity is continuity, e.g., waking up every morning as the same person you were the night before.  According to Buddhist teaching, the continuity of a mind makes the mind biased.  The mind chooses or discards people, objects, and ideas in order to maintain the continuity of its own self.  For example, I don’t wake up one morning and decide to wear my wife’s clothing to take my child to school.  It is not in my character to do so, and I choose not to do it.  Such a pattern of choices eventually forms a bias.  
You tend to befriend like-minded individuals to ensure the continuity of your mind.  You also avoid people who threaten your belief system in order to ensure the continuity of your mind.  In an extreme case of the latter, you hate the person who possesses undesirable, yet similar, qualities as you.  You see how badly this individual behaves and recognize how you are also capable of doing so under certain circumstances.  You worry that the “building blocks” of your mind might have been wrong ones all along.  You hate this person for showing you this possibility: the continuity of the mind is threatened.
So here is the question:  By this rationale, is hate the product of a sane mind?

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More good news for meditation! It's Not Just For Your Brain: Meditating Can Actually Change Your DNA

I joined Oregon's Health CO-OP today.

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The subconscious mind does not make logical arguments. If you submit the wrong impressions to it, it considers them as correct and then proceeds on translating them into situations and experiences. #subconscious #subconsciousmind

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The average American swallows a whopping 130 pounds of the sweet stuff each year. Here are the consequences:

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Quite literally, sustained meditation leads to something called neuroplasticity.

I meditate for 20 minutes before bed each night. I've personally enjoyed huge benefits from it, both spiritually and practically.

Tag a friend who is skeptic about meditating!

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