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Pre-Fabulous: Marvelous Modular Mayhem!
I think I can safely say that my boyfriend and I have really started to outgrow our apartment. It's a great apartment that has served us many years and it's in a cool area, but we are in the mindset as of late that we want a place that is more our own. This...

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Holiday DIY: Pom-Pom Garland
  Many times I find myself in situations where I just can't find exactly what I want when I go out looking for something. Stores sometimes just don't have what I want and that fact is never more apparent than when I'm looking for things to decorate my house...

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Photo Diary: A Quick Trip Abroad
If you didn't already know (do you even read this?!), I had to make an emergency trip to England about two weeks ago because my grandmother passed away. It was odd preparing for such a trip and, to be honest, I was very nervous to go. I have only ever been ...

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It's That Time of Year Again...
No one can argue with me that the end of the summer isn't terrible. It's the end of carefree warmth, the end of vacation season, the end of pleasant beach visits, and all the freshness that comes with summer. This is also the time of year that other things ...

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Underneathe It All (Not the No Doubt Song!)
When summer starts to wind down, all I want to do is be in the water. Unfortunately, this time of year is prime time for jellyfish spawn which makes the water around my area feel like you're swimming through partially-formed Jell-O that can hurt you.  Hoora...

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WTF, Emily: Where The Hell I've Been
I think it's safe to say that sometimes you just don't have the umph to go the extra mile. Sometimes you just want to be a lazy lump. That is where I've been the past few weeks (oops!). I had a week off from work, and even though I didn't go away on vacatio...

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Healthy Snacks That Won't Make You Hate Everything
Being healthy is super good for you; I mean, it's the only way to really ensure you'll be rockin' and rollin' for a long time to come. The problem with being healthy is that with all the terrible stuff out that taste just so damn good, it's really difficult...

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Mini Photo-Diary: Lazy Life
I'm not that lazy. I did wash and vacuum my car (half-assedly) and I grilled up a really awesome lunch of salmon and veggies, but I did spend the majority of my day laying in the backyard. I wasn't really feeling up to doing a lot today, so I did one thing ...

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Renegades of Funk: Homemade Deodorant
I am a sweater and you better believe. I'll sweat because of anything: putting on lotion, sitting in a chair, carrying groceries, watching a tense movie, taking too hot of a shower. It really doesn't matter what season or what climate I'm in, I'm probably g...
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