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Rujak Jeruk Bali, Bali style pomelo sweet salad.
Rujak is Indonesian style fruit salad and very popular in
Indonesia. Every region in Indonesia has their own version of Rujak,
they are very interesting in both flavour and presentation. In Java, rujak is also plays an essential role to be a
culture dessert...

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Gougères, French Cheese Puff
Savoury snack is always be my all-time-favourite especially
when it tasty and load up with cheese. To me, snacking is a great way to combat hunger in between
meal, taking the break to get knock off with cheesy nibble like this one. Gougeres, French cheese p...

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Goodbye 2015 and Welcome 2016
Throughout the year, I have made my work in Food Photography and Still Photography and I post it out mostly on Instagram and flickr.  it was a great moment! inspired and stay true. I look forward for the new year of 2016 with great opportunities and fresh i...

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Calamansi Lime Sambal
I personally enjoy to have sambal on my homemade meal, it
can make the dish to have another excitement. Sambal is an extremely versatile
accompaniment and also very popular in Indonesia and neighbour country of Singapore
and Malaysia. On my previous trip to...

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Candied Cassava With Coconut Sauce
I can’t get enough with classic traditional dessert, always
remain humble and never become overboard to my palate, besides that I always
tempting having them as my dessert course to end my feast, they’re just like
specialty not to be missed.  This time im g...

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Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)
There is
simply fried rice that always strikes on every kitchen, especially in
Indonesian kitchen, the simplest foods to make, as it is to enjoy. Nasi
goreng literally meaning “fried rice” in Indonesian (nasi=rice, goreng=fried),
its popular dish across Ind...

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Tapis at Kayumanis Jimbaran Bali and recipes sharing, Bebek Betutu and Klepon Nila Sari
We were charm by special authentic
gastronomic experience at Tapis restaurant Kayu Manis Jimbaran Bali, which is
carried the exquisite flavors of Indonesia cuisines
and the divine taste of the dishes would never be wrong. The whole treat ware
indulge and sa...

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Fresh Torch Ginger Sambal
As you
expect by the name, this is a unique and fragrant relish in many different kind
of Balinese sambal. Torch Ginger Relish ( sambal bongkot /sambal Kecombrang) is another
desired fresh relish besides Sambal Matah Bali , it also represent Balinese cuisin...

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Dark Sauce Beef, Daging Lapis Jawa timur
If there
were one thing that strikes me about one of memorable home-cooked dish by my
mother, it would be Lapis Daging. This dish definitely won me over, something
that I find could not easily fail to recall, it taste yummy traditionally. Lapis
Daging is ve...
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