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Hello Kitty
  Hello Kitty is an international brand or a doll -shaped trinkets cute white cat , Hello Kitty is also the name of the name of the doll itself . Hello Kitty doll has spread to almost all over the world and well-liked by children and even adults in various ...

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Robert The Doll
. It calls for a doll the size of a small child. This doll is very well known, not because of his cuteness. However, this doll is best known for his horror stories. The
story begins, in 1904, when a boy named Robert Eugene Otto, received a
doll from someo...

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The Power of Love
     Two years ago, I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured
a complete ward of criminally insane patients - -without ever seeing any of
them. The psychologist would study an inmate's chart and then look within
himself to see how he created that person...

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End Stories Doraemon
Told one day , Nobita came home and whined complained to Doraemon . But before long , he realized there was something wrong with Doraemon ; favorite robot was just silent and did not answer the complaint . He was immediately called Dorami , Doraemon 's sist...

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Good Friends
  Rita Sekar Ayu is a 5 th grader . He has a friend and friend named Santi . Rita and Santi friends since they were in grade 2 They are very familiar , to the extent that they are mistaken courtship by classmates .              But , when this first semeste...

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Hitori Kakurenbo hide and seek Ghost
      Hide and seek is a game since we were kids where one of the friends with whom we play close my eyes and rest seek hiding places to be discovered by friends who turn a blind eye . For some people hide and seek is still done by small children today . Wh...

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The story of Snow White
when it snows and the queen was not sewing, Snow probably would not
exist. Snow White's story begins at the time. Snow storm was going on
when the queen was sewing. Whether because of fatigue or may not be
accurate, the queen who is a hobby sewin...
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