Fundies really piss me off, and I'm not just talking about Christian ones.

Earlier today, +Jeff Vinson posted a picture from an Iranian born artist named Shirin Neshat. I reposted it. People complained in his post that he should retract the picture and he said that he would not. I commend him on his choice.

However, a little while ago, that picture went blank. It was apparently censored or deleted. I don't know why. I am assuming that Jeff did not retract it on his own. I am assuming that Google retracted it because of flagging.

It's not porn; it is art. And it's powerful art at that. And it's not the only picture that Shirin Neshat has produced as part of her conversation about women in Iran.

I am therefore reposting the picture, and I urge you to do the same. I am also posting a link to a blog with more of her pictures with equal power behind them. I am going to fight censorship like this anytime that I can. Religious people should not be telling us what we can or cannot post according to their blasphemy laws or sensibilities.

I would like to add that so far, I have never, ever, seen a critique of Christianity being deleted or censored. Maybe it has happened, but I haven't seen it. And if that is the case, Google has some explaining to do on this front. I sure hope that Google didn't manually delete or censor this picture - I hope that it was a stupid bug with an algorithm. But I can't be sure. What I can be sure about is that I am going to repeat this post if it does get deleted, and you should do the same.

Here is some information about the artist:

And here is a blog with more of her pictures:

Original censored post:

My repost of the original upon which the image is not showing for me either:

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