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Worst thing in the world - barking-damn-dogs! I would never live in a community with an HOA, but if I ever did it would be an HOA that doesn't allow dogs (or loose cats)! I just can't fathom how people don't notice their own dog barking its fool head off for an hour straight when it can be heard plainly several houses away (unless, of course, these inconsiderate dog "lovers" tie their dog up in the yard and then leave. . . ). Unfortunately, this article doesn't really address what to do about noisy neighbors; this is more of a zen guide to accepting their noise.

I did accidentally stumble on a very effective way to get a dog to stop barking once. I don't think I could possibly have hit the dog through the fence and plants, but I had a paintball gun in my truck from a video shoot at work and when I got home one night and the neighbor's dog barked at me - in my own yard - for the 1000th time, I pulled the paintball gun out of my truck, aimed into the pitch blackness of the neighbor's yard toward the sound of the barking, and I let a round go. Like I said, I don't think it's even possible that I actually hit the dog, but that little pest never barked at me again! Not even once. Problem solved.
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