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so, for the first time... +Natasha Lara and all other Non-iphone users have an app for google+, while us iphone users are left to our own, making our own google+ apps.
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yea tony, did you not see my picture...but sorry, you're's a web app...(aka, a mobile web app) not an official Native app...the official app is still "coming soon"...but it's available on the android market.
Ok, nopers! Tony is Right! And I am wrong! Using the app right now!!! Sweet! Follow tony's tiny URL to download it.
What the fuck??? Pizza Hut has an app?
Alex: yes, pizza hut has an's pretty legit and super easy...not that i order a lot...but when i do, it remembers everything i ordered last yepp...what can i say-it's the fat kid in me...
Charlie: your super late
Tony: it's a pic of me...yes, i know...i have a pic of myself in the background...
Oh... My.... You should have just "forgot" to say what the background was. 
Natasha Lara: ssssshhhhhhhhh..... It was only a matter of time until someone would have called me out...haven't you ever seen 8 have to take away their ammunition playa! 
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