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Milanote has added something which I think could be important to some of us...

Github-flavored markdown checklists. So now I can at least have a manageable list of "ToDo" items.

If this seems of some interest, you may want to read the review by +Cynthia Valdez a bit down the stream...

Now if they would enable the ability to make items hierarchical...
What do you say, +Ollie Campbell ?


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A much-needed look at a widely accepted theme. 

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If this is a winning strategy, we're all in deep trouble... 

I just had my first success with having Google Home cast music to my kitchen radio via a Chromecast Audio. I can also now cast to my TV, but Google Home seems to only be able to play YouTube... so far. It should be able to play Netflix and HBOGO...

I'm not sure if it is realistically possible... but I think it would be fantastic if one could use multiple Google Home devices as an intercom. When in intercom mode, each Google Home would cast the voice input to all other Google Homes on the network. What do you think?

I just did a Google search on this, and I'm definitely not the first to suggest this...

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Greetings. I invite all of those folks who indicated that they would like to help on updating the group's master listing of productivity tools and information about them to post some updates here, or directly send them to me if you like. Art has provided us with a nice Airtable listing of apps, which I have begun updating and adding to. Here's the link:

Perhaps you can update your personal favorite - after making sure that it is included in our list! Maybe we will be able to determine which apps are the "front runners" among our group.

If anyone has any additional ideas for this list, let us know.

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Has anything changed in regard to rendering a table in markdown within Checkvist? I seem to be having some trouble getting the behavior I expect.

Markdown is enabled
Here is a simple example:

| Software | Status | Comments |
| ------ | ------ | ------ |
| one | two | three |
| four | five | six |

Should this display as a table? Perhaps I've messed up something in my preferences?


Speaking of Mobile...

Can someone point me to some information as to what the "Quick add" functionality is for, and how it works? I've been searching for this, but can't seem to find it.

Thanks in advance to all in our friendly community!

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Any users care to comment? If the answer is"no", what features are missing? 
I've been thinking quite a bit about Ctitch and how further development could help those who loved the Springpad app:

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It's been a long time coming... but Flashbackr now has a mobile app.

I will try it out, and report back to the group about how it works. I'm especially interested to hear what others think, especially about any deficiencies which you observe.
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