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Paul Bidder
It's all Commerce (with e, f-, m and social)
It's all Commerce (with e, f-, m and social)
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3663 launch their first ever iPhone app with Colony Commerce

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An official post will be out later, however Red Ant are looking for talented individuals across multiple levels of seniority / experience across digital strategy roles (see for our approach), primarily looking at Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Of course we are happy to hear from people in existing regions (UK, Ireland and Brazil), and to explore with seniors beyond (specifically Switzerland, New York and California).

So, if you'd like to work an agency that will push your brains not your patience, feel confident that you can make a difference in a hugely talented team, like the idea of pushing international brands to the next level in engagement and ROI and want to have a lot of fun doing so then please fire your details to

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Come and join the New Google+ page for Colony Commerce

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Random thought...

Must have been serendipity, Mashable posted the office spaces article (link attached), just as I was (taking a breath of fresh air), thinking about what are the key ingredients that make up a social enterprise.

Office space is certainly one, I don't think you have have be social as an enterprise and work in a soulless hub. Each person and each discipline must have the opportunity to stamp their particular persona into their workspace and if that can be defined through the work at hand then all the better.

Ethos and spirit is another, if a company is social it must be social across the board (top down and bottom up), an inquisitive spirit, the desire to share and communicate can't just exist in cyberspace it has to permeate the office space and the fabric of the characters of everyone in the company.

I think social behaviour needs to be recognised and rewarded as well. Drawing parallels with Bhutan's proposal for the UN to recognise happiness as a development indicator (, I think that it should be recognised on the bottom line when reporting enterprise growth; in fact it fits quite nicely for those reporting back to the board using balanced scorecards.

Only a random thought, but one to mull over - would love to hear any thoughts from others.

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Initial thoughts on Google+ for iPhone: Simple and fun.

It doesn't really do much beyond the stuff you can do on the web already, but obviously it opens up tons more potential for photo sharing and sharing your location.

This is the minimum viable product Google needed to release quickly: Get Google+ working on mobile to drive even further usage.

Mission accomplished, and they can add more features later.

what would retailers like to know when I do a seminar in a month on Social Commerce. Are they ready for the future or do they need reassurance that the basics actually work? Ideas welcome... but only sensible ones :-)
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