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The 2013 National Autism conference is coming to Penn State July 29-August 1. 

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I was reminded today about a closing note speech I saw at an Autism conference in 2010. This woman was wonderful. I thought I'd post about her for people who have not seen or heard of her. In the video (which I will post in the comments because it is at least 30 or 40 minutes long) of the presentation I saw, she mentioned that she idolized Ellen Degeneres; I wonder if she was ever able to connect with her. I have not read her books yet, but if they are anywhere as good as her presentation...I would highly recommend them. Here is her website to start:

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This may be somewhat old news, but it's news to me! And amazed with the brilliance of young glad someone actually had the sense to listen to her!

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For those that are interested about what I do to pass pass my time and earn my living these days, this is what I've been up to for the last 18 months. After a layoff in the social services field, I find myself in a totally new realm...working for a local artist making earrings out of cereal boxes (yes cereal boxes...for more info you can find it by googling JABEBO earrings).

I work all aspects of production from start to finish, but primarily focus on the operations and wholesale distribution aspects. We sell mainly to nature centers and wildlife refuges across the country, but have developed a niche market among college science programs and museums.

After reading several posts about the periodic table on G+ (usually from one of my favorite posters +Jennifer Ouellette ). I am sharing a pic of some of our science inspired earring designs. So for fellow science is Polonium. (I personally like to rock my Einsteinium and Curium sets or the periodic tables alone :-).
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I don't care WHO dumped it (gas company, airport employee, etc.) It is still reprehensible that people would think it was appropriate to dump it in the state game lands. But I do find it interesting that there are so many 'fracking' sympathizers in the 'comments' section.

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Cymatics in action. Using science as an art medium....fascinating!
I realize that every YouTube video I ever share is of the "HO LEE CRAP THERE IS COOL SHIT YOU CAN DO WITH SCIENCE1!1!1!" variety.

So in that vein, I present.

Life has been somewhat surreal here, but things seem to be getting back to an 'almost' normal state. Am ready to get back in the G+ saddle and start engaging my brain again.

I have been less active on G+ of late. I think it's because it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. Not quite sure what's going on. However, there seems to be a lag when I start reading things. I get a lot of spinning beach ball time. Sometimes it crashes and sometimes it says that the an error occurred. I have tried it using different browsers. Firefox which has been my browser of choice started out well, but then started having problems. Tried Chrome...but that was WAY slower. Now I am trying Safari...we'll see how it goes.

Excited for the business pages to be added to G+. But, will definitely have to organize my circles so I can actually have time to READ everything that is coming in!
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