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A place for Maryland geocachers to meet and greet on Google+! The weather is finally looking up and traffic at the local cache, Troll Bridge Adventure, that we maintain has picked up. We hope to do some serious hiking this spring and get to some new local caches. 

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the beard has stayed longer than planned.

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No, actually you are not drinking from an aluminum can. You are drinking from a plastic bladder in a can shaped aluminum support. - my thought in the shower this morning.

Testing a public feed post to see if ifttt will feed it to facebook :-)

Anyone know of a way yet to have my tweets show up on Google+? Preferably with a way to have them just to a select circle or circles? I like posting in Twitter and having it propagate rather than post everywhere.

Rocking Tiesto like a boss....or just enjoying some Kaleidoscope remixes

Post has attachment The last chapter was just posted. If you have not read this I highly suggest starting from the first episode (The latest is always displayed on the web page) at Excellent read and cheers to Chris Moore for the recommendation last year.

Google Chrome for mac, was beta now back to stable, every week or so I can log in to Gmail with no issue, however any other google service I try and log in to (calendar, plus, etc) tries to open in a new browser window (same session) and asks for my password. I enter said password and it "loads" with no error shown but I am back at the same page asking for my password. The only thing that seems to fix it is clearing my cookies and cache. Firefox does not have this issue with google web sites. Hmph!
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