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Is the real estate market going to crash again? Here's 10 reasons why it may just happen again:

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Connect. Ask. Share.

Got an interesting in-the-field story to tell? Have questions about continuing education? Need a place to talk shop with other professionals?

Register for our FREE real estate forum and dive in to the discussion today.

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Steer clear of trouble in the field.* 

We often make mistakes without realizing we're doing so. While some human errors are harmless, others could land you with some major liability issues down the road.

Be sure you're not making any of these common USPAP violations. 

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AMCs typically perform background checks on their appraisers, but much there is much confusion about what's included in these reports. +Appraisal Buzz has set out to dispel some of the myths behind AMC background checks.

Which myths did they bust for you? 

#appraisers #AMCs

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Real Estate 101

Learning from past mistakes in the lending industry is a great step towards preventing another crisis. Brian Trotier sums up what happened and how we can avoid a repeat in his housing collapse primer. Find out what really went down here:

#appraisers #realestate

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Where can you find the latest in claims intervention news?

Sign up today to receive the latest edition of our monthly Cornerstone Report, where we
share insights and tips for reducing risk and protecting your real estate

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Limit your risk of bogus claims.

Think you have all your inspection bases covered? We’ve created a list of 6 tips home inspectors can use to keep frivolous lawsuits at bay. Make sure you’re including these critical action steps during your next assignment.

#inspectors #liability

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Considering working with non-lender clients? Start networking with real estate agents in your local market. Here are four reasons why realtors order appraisals (and none of them have to do with AMCs): 
via +Western Colorado Appraiser #appraisers #realtors

Happy Labor Day! Please note that our offices will be closed on Monday, September 1st in observance of Labor Day. We will resume our normal business hours on Tuesday, September 2nd. We wish you a safe and wonderful end to the summer season!
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