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Jonas Weaver
Pilgrim in search of truth
Pilgrim in search of truth
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Suddenly it all makes sense, all the lies I said to myself
at night in the rain. And the lightning behind the mountains
is my only grip on reality. Hello beautiful, the mirror is gone
the only thing which speaks truly anymore. Is this so sad?
the fact that I’m not lying to me anymore makes me sad
I want to lie and say I’m totally not fucked up
and gonna burn in hell
But hey, liars burn too.
Hey hey beautiful come to the mountain top
let’ let the lightning strike and maybe come alve
in this reality we call home. Home is where the heart is
and my heart is in a hole, caving inward on itself
Do these words make sense? Or is this a hopeless refrain?
Probably neither since all I can feel is the rain on my scars
that supposedly tell me I’m strong. Bullshit bullshit
screams the Piper. Let the pain roll down
in red
let the pain roll down till I am
dead dead dead.
Am I sad? Sure. But who isn’t?
Come back mirror because let’s be honest:
Who fucked it up the most of them all?
You did princess. I did.

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Do you know how hard I tried to become what you want me to be? Take me, this is all that I've got, this is all that im not, all that ever be

Got to hate fucking hypocrisy. Open my mouth, get punished. I regret telling anything. 

+Caleb Miller 
Go suck something. I'm kind of pissed off right now. You called one of my friends a cunt, a bitch, a little shit, a whore. Worse you mocked her and told her to go to hell. And you know what. I'm pissed. I don't talk to women like that. I don't talk to guys like that. And I don't let assholes talk to my friends like that. You have no business texting her. You have no business telling her those things. You have no business making shit up about her friend. You don't know him dont comment on his character. And as far as I'm concerned he's more of a man and actually has balls. Why? Cause he doesn't go treating girls like shit. We wonder why Steubenville happened: cause of guys like you who have no dignity and no respect for women. Sure you'll say you respect women. But you don't, obviously. No guy (though you're a boy) tells a woman she is a cunt or a whore or a bitch. Especially if you dare to call her your friend. I know you think you're cool but you're not. Real men treat women with respect, regardless of their issues. I treat all women, total homeschooler or total girl who sleeps around with respect: because they are made in God's image. And because it's my duty as a man to protect women. So, grow up. And apologize. And don't ever mock and insult my friends again. 

Awkward moment when your mom asks you about cutting. 

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"I'm sexcited." Sarah 
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