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They don't build them like that any more...
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The awesome part.. is that there is no ROT through the metal. Just some simple surface rust. That is back when Vehicals were built in the good ole' US of A CORRECTLY... Now they are all fucking garbage.
Hmm.... I'm thinking that's been there a while.
Must be in Liverpool, they nicked all the wheels
isn't nature wonderful!!! The picture is full of history - the vehicle, the trees, starting out as seedlings..... very intriguing!
Andy, it really IS that cool... sorry to ruin your party Olivia.
that is awesome; would so frame that and put it in my home for decoration.
I agree with olivia B this is not that interesting!
That is an awesome find and great capture. Without the ooen field, it just wouldn't say the same thing.
Adds new dimension to the term "green technology"!=D
What a shame. It could have been restored. But not now.
сколько же лет машина стояла?! )))
It needs a skeleton inside the truck to complete the picture.
Car shaped tree? Tree shaped car? Hmmmm.
Too funny! Had to share it!
mAi Hou
O.o just where do you find those things's too amazing .
Never would have thought it grows under the tree....
I'll guess: '44 to '46 Chevy, 316 engine, petrol
Looks like the Tree crashed into the van
its so weird to think how that tree grew threw that car.
a truck load of firewood ready to be delivered ..
Wonder what he had in the glove compartment?
Kids reaction WOW that's a broken truck!!
Ooh man someone please save that vintage
You can't drive it away, you can't tow it away. It is a home for the animals and other living humans allowed!!!
Wonder how many parking tickets he got?
They were the mulch the trees grew in LOL
well done- nice work..................
You can't call it a Dodge... there's a tree growing through it. Surely it must have seen that coming LOL
this car is the future....everything will be "plant-powered"
Would love a car like that with a modern engine. Would not want to pay for gas on it's original one.
yeah but that is business nowadays, Devo Bideau
+Devo Bideau You would not want to drive it even with a modern engine. In those days, a heater was optional, no air conditioner, no auto trans., no power brakes (hardly any brakes at all), no power steering, drove like a tank and rode worse.
hmmmm...just imagine your phone would be as strong and stable as this car... cracked screens...instead trees growing out of it :P but well
Which do you think is older the tree or the car?
If the vehicle could speak, it would have a lot to say.
Now there's something you don't see every day.
Wonder if my old Astra would get this many reshares LOL
Reminds me of a calendar picture from Hemming's Motor News. A beautiful shot, this....
Definitely a Dodge, probably around '46

+Theo Von Druessel Yeah, but the chicks man. Don't forget about the babes cruising under your arm. Kinda makes all that other stuff less to worry about.

Modern engine, and upgrades, nice stereo system, nice lady under your arm - somebody's heaven right there.
Steve W
Probably runs better than mine at the mo lol
Do we have a make and model for the tree yet?
And they said it couldnt be done. Two teenagers, too many beers and a long winter. Proof that everything and anything is possible. lol
Is that a Ford Model-Tree? :p 
Probably right dianne, would take around 50 years to grow to that extent, the joke is that truck fully restored is worth 30-50 thousand dollars, or i had to much to dream last night
i bet theres a tree house up there. :)
Don't feel bad for the driver,he's sober,not going anywhere in a hurry,silently striving to become branch driver,except for the occasional bark..
يا ترى مين اكبر من التانى فى العمر؟؟
Thats what I call growing to love your car
So do you cut the tree and save the car or do you cut the car and save the tree.....I vote save the car!
well...the tree does just fine, and i doubt the car will go any further....(except the tree picks it up) ;D
I think the car is hurting the tree. I wouldn't like to see a child growing with a rusted piece if iron around it's belly. I don't wanna see a tree either.
wait people...we have seen the car now with a tree growing through...but where are the keys and how do THEY look like???
+Andy Robinson ....i thought of a wooden one...but we were talking bout a tree that doesnt need petrol? so i guess the key is charged with solar cells XD
do ya know the movie harold and maud? i think it was maud who wanted to plant the tree in the woods but fell asleep and didnt get up again...
...if you don't know the HAVE to watch it
theres one of them where i live!
Immediate association: tree ... trunk ... car ...
Well, maybe cars do grow on trees after all
must have a flat battery
An early version of the Denver Boot!
lol, this is funny. they sell a car with a tree threw it. the car is kinda cool looking though.
It's a really cool picture. It's interesting seeing how nature takes over things. Nature will always find a way.
looks like a desoto or plymouth to me but at 76 years i am still older than the van.
Earl Sheib will still paint it for $99.95
lol....old yes...all i need is a little oil
Natural amalgamation of nature & modern inventions. Life goes on. Nature thrives regardless. 
...YES you are right that they don't build them like that anymore...
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