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We shouldn't call 'em losers just yet. ;) (although I'm sure nothing beats Google+).

Reaching 750 million users is not an easy task and certainly not the one that deserves the title of a loser. 
Look what circle they are in though. Pretty definitive if you ask me...
It's funny, yes. Losers? No. Will they 'lose' the social network phenomena in the end? Probably.
Never mind the circle, LOOK at the number of reshares ~ AWESOME!!
I know, congrats! Stuff really does get spread here fast, especially if it's funny or clever, and about G+ in some way. I had over 600 shares of my Independence Day graphic in a single day!
Well that pissed on my bonfire... LOL
:P you've still got a while though. Plus yours will definitely have longer legs! See where it's at when you wake up tomorrow.
Since Microsoft bought Skype, the service have alot problems.
So I think should be magic an integration FAKEbook +skype. LOL
Holy shitballs that's nearly 600 reshares. Well done!
Hágase AHORA el propósito firme de ser feliz HOY; olvídese del ayer que ya pasó,
no piense en el mañana que aún no llega ni sabemos si llegará.
Lo que tengas que hacer hazlo bien, hoy y ahora.
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