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Not sure how to proceed with this....
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Mental high-five and/or fist bump if you only understand this because of Big Bang Theory
I'd say it's the box's fault. Or the crazy guy that put a cat in a box with poison.....
Theo D
I see what you did there... :3
Ha, ha, that's funny.
@ lily tyer: it has to have one eye open and the other one closed. like this ;). never mind... that's just a cat winking.
Put a cat and poisonous cat food in a opaque box so you can't see him and don't know when he will eat the food. The cat is dead and alive because you can't look at him. It is a way to explain particle observation...if you look at it, it will disturb the reality. Good luck.
Hey hey hey! I am too a 9gagger thank you very much XD.
Whatever you do don't open the box :)
haha poor kitty kitty!<3XD
If you don't open the box it soon will be dead from starvation.
This one is a problem, for me. How many times did Schrodinger do this experiment using different cats, and how many different results did he get?. Does it ever work out good for kitty? Is it dead or alive?
It is both, dead and alive. And know that it is a way to explain complex particle physic.
Nature don't let you know it ! it is the way of its own on fundamental level !
+Maureen Frost , Schrodinger must have repeated this thought experiment countless times, potentially dooming thousands of imaginary kitties. ;)
The extension of this is Schrodingers Baby who only wakes up in the night when you go to check if they are sleeping :-)
Finally a lolcat I can appreciate.
Wait, how'd you ever know it was the right cat?!? :)
If someone were to have posted this on facebook it would have read "LIKE IF YOU GET IT" ... i despise those type of posts
hand over the box and claim your reward i say
Reminds me of this alternate interpretation of "Curiosity killed the cat." that I developed: It was Schrodinger's cat and he wasn't dead until someone was curious and opened the box.
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