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Well, +Vic Gundotra , This is totally screwed up. I can't even follow the stream now. The worst thing you have done with G+ is "make it better."
To all of my friends... I'll be back when they get this thing to work. I spent hours on here as they fine tuned the jumping screens and streams that went by too fast. From changing the logo to eliminating "Incoming" messages, Google has spoiled the element of home for me. These tweaks have been totally unnecessary. I hope to see you again sometime soon. Right now, I can't see anything.
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I'm trying to identify specifically what the problem is where you can't "follow the stream". Perhaps we can help if you're confused by a new feature or the UI.
I'm on a Netbook .... and I know EXACTLY what he is talking about. As I type this comment the page keeps shifting up on me and I have to scroll back up to see where I was .... the arrows are gone from the scroll bar, it jumps when I try to scroll back and read ... right now I can't see what I'm typing because it scrolled onme..... woops, one sec..... Ok I scrolled back up. Now it's gone again.... I can no longer cut and paste into a post.... so Google+ is basically useless to me now.... Back to Facebook - until this gets cleaned up. +Vic Gundotra +Beverly Rivera ... ahhh... I can't share this because I can't scroll to the Share button. Talk about irritating. FIX THIS...... How do I share this .... I can't get to the share button. ..... Or POst comment ... there it is
Yeah, it doesn't work on tablets via the desktop view either.
Same problem on Mac desktops, in Chrome browser. You cannot comment without first going to a new page with just that message. Right now the stream is slow, it only moved down a little. Done. Phew.
So the issue is the scrolling and jumping of the screen?

I'm on a tablet, but don't even use desktop view. Maybe another view could help or no? I'm not even sure if an extension could help since the UI is so new. I did know of one (forgot the name) that would make the screen stop jumping around. I actually don't have issues with it. I can grab the scroll bar and the such.
This "update" is all about eye candy, with zero regard for functionality. The problem seems to be they got it right from the very beginning, but seem to think they have to keep futzing with it to justify their salaries. The way this is going, it'll end up as another overbloated Facepalm clone of no use to anyone.
The mobile version on the tablet isn't much better equipped than the app, and the app sucks, no editing OPs, no linking to posts, new share feature doesn't work properly etc etc. So I'd like to use desktop version, except I can't because it's broken. So I'm stuck using the app, or firing up the PC. Which is fine if I'm in the house or not in bed.
It solves the problem of columns so wide they were hard to read. It happened on super-wide monitors, in full screen mode.
That's about the only thing I like about the app - the text takes up the whole width of the screen on my tablet. Guess there had to be something to like!
+Kamran Mackey while we appreciate your enthusiasm for G+, saying "you fucking people shouldn't complain about change" is not what this post is about and its uncalled for. The people responding to this thread have specific issues for features and are trying to work through them.
Dammit..... kids

It's the end of G+ :-(
+Kamran Mackey: Feel free to message me privately if you have an issue. I'm asking you to respectfully address the people of this thread, and +C. Michael Croston. If you were to re-read this thread in its entirety and with maturity, you will find its about an UI problem with scrolling, not inappropriate comments from Google fangirls.

Have a great evening.
Whoever is in charge of the G+ project should be fired for ineptitude.
Remember when we all got upset they were letting children in? This is precisely why. Next thing we know the place is going to be overrun. This latest bit of eyecandy to make it more like FB is just another step to appeal to kids anyway.
Elisa T
It's not a perfect solution, but breaking your viewing circles up into smaller chunks and viewing one circle at a time will slow down the scrolling.
The thing is, I don't really mind the desktop update, at least not on the pc. It's the mobile versions I have the most problems with at the moment, and the desktop version on the tablet - although I haven't checked it again so maybe it's working now.

The jumping reply box has been an issue since the last iteration of the interface, it's not a problem introduced by the new update. And it is annoying.
It's difficult to come back when you can't even log on. I have had 61 notifications and haven't been able to see them. Things are a little better now, for the time being. Thanks to those concerned.
+Kamran Mackey I am an early adapter. I am in 13,000 peoples circles. I say this because I want you to understand the amount of time and interaction I've spent on this site because I am such a proponent. If I am having a problem, what about those just now checking out G+. They will leave immediately. Everyone is not able to have the most advanced equipment. Here's the thing, social media enables people from all over the world to be equal, to have a say... If people are shut out because they can't afford to "keep up" with the Google's, that defeats the purpose, in my estimation. At that point, the network becomes elitist.
+C. Michael Croston Google's goal in this I think is to attract a "mainstream" audience with pictures and video. The stream looks like a visual cornucopia of some celebrity sites and totally downplays text based posts.

As a Visual Artist this works for me, as a Thinker and Writer it totally stinks. I'm not sure realistically this is going to change since Google's goal is to appeal to a wider audience and overcome Facebook.

Personally for better interaction on business, news and serious subjects I think LinkedIn is a much better forum for that. In the long term I think these changes will drive users interested in that there.
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