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    System Administrator, 2014 - present
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  • Bishop Denis J. O'Connell High School
    1978 - 1982
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The DNA Sequencing Thumb Drive

It was a major breakthrough in 1995: After 13 months, scientists finally sequenced the entire genome of a bacteria for the first time. Thes

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John Cleese: Truly Stupid People Will Never Know They Are Stupid

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Best. Technical College. Ad. Ever.

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Steam-Powered RC Trike: The Apex of Mechanical Eye Candy

It's slow, it's pink, and it's piloted by an innocent looking stuffed animal wearing goggles. But that doesn't make YouTube user prallplatte

Space Nerds Rejoice: A Crazy 3-D Tour of the Universe at Gizmodo Gallery

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Lego Adds Some Force to Gizmodo Gallery with LEGO SANTA YODA!

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The World's Largest Model Railroad Adds the World's Largest Model Airport

With expansions planned all the way to 2020, the world's largest model railroad just opened its latest addition: a 1,600-square-foot model a

Designer Sheds Make For Less Depressing Cubicles

Working in a shed doesn't sound like an upgrade from a depressing cubicle. But the spired roof of this Tetra-Shed will make it feel like you

Watch This If You Are Not Scared of Flying

People scared to fly didn't like the video of the crazy crosswind landings at Düsseldorf. This one doesn't show any extreme situation, just

The Most Incredible 3D Time-Lapse Yet Is a Beautiful Love-Letter to San ...

This video, called "Deus Ex Homine," is a stereoscopic 3D motion-controlled time-lapse by artist Peter H. Chang. It features some stunning f

Burning Car Explodes Right In Firefighter's Face—but He Shrugs and Keeps...

In case there was any doubt, here is another proof of the courage of firefighters: watch as this man stands with his hose right next to a b

This Is NASA's Cancer-Sniffing Cellphone Sensor

What if you could use your phone to test the air for toxins? What if you could monitor your health simply by blowing on it? Sounds amazing,

Ikea's Video Assembly Instructions Vastly Increase Your Chances Of Success

The ongoing joke that Ikea's flat-pack furniture is confusingly complicated to assemble might be rendered moot now that the Swedish company

The Simple Wooden Tokyo Home Office

Natural light, beautiful wood, and simple minimalistic design only seems to turn out well for a workspace, and such is the case with Flickr

This cat uses sign language to ask for food

I'm not sure if this man has his cat well trained or this cat has its man well trained. Either way, this has learned an impressive trick: ho