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this needs more attention...
ie any attention at all.
#army #rape

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this entry was briefly on the front page of
within hours, it disappeared from the front page, but is still on the site.
i really wonder why....why did TED remove this from their front page?
BTW --- if you DL firefox, and the mentioned 'collusion' , you maybe shocked. ( you can set collusion, to make a sound, whenever some site is tracking you...) on some sites that i visit daily, it sounded like jiffy-pop popcorn. looking at you,, Reddit, and why is facebook tracking me? i don't even have a FB account....TED was not a big cookie vendor... but G+, was pretty big.
Install firefox and collusion for a day.
See what happens.
And while the US has ruled that whoever can make money from data about you owns that data. the EU has a digital right to be forgotten....
what strange new hell is this?

My definition of love? - Caring about another's well being more than you do you own...
or Ani DiFranco's 'Pulse'... look it up ... I can't link a you-tube - being in Germany, with GEMA.....
BTW song much too long for commercial radio, but too short...

After 5 or 6 episodes, I've decided that "touch" is "touched by an angel" in disguise... Sorry if I am out of date, but as a service member abroad, we get shows a bit latter.... BTW I love the word 'abroad'. ..... It sounds so British Empire, so foreign, so exotic.....

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I was asked today what song i want played at my funeral...
I said "I don't care, I'll be dead."
This is my second choice...
Chase & Status - End Credits ft Plan B
We can only hope that someone cares when we die....

damn it I can not edit my own posts.... speeling mistakes weclome to forever.....

You know your old when;
1) You pluck your first grey hair... grey Pubic hair.
2) Everything you hear reminds you of something else.
3) Suddenly you're supervising people that were born after you joined the company.

Add your own below ... And share...

i knew there was something that made this a public scandal ..... "The scandal broke when a dispute between an escort and an agent spilled into the hallway of a beachfront hotel." - BBC News

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One step closer to the 'replicators' in star-trek.
Now if we could figure out Faster Than Light travel.
Or a cheap clean energy to power them....
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