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Does SMS Backup+ 1.5.6-beta restore correctly to Android 'L' Preview 1 on Nexus 5?

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So true.

Nina Simone - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood


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How to Easily Find Your Google+ Comments...

Use Google Plus SEARCH in a special way and you can find your comments (and other people's shares of your stuff, etc.)

Many people know that much of the value here in the Plus exists inside the interaction or comments that happen along with posts.

Use this technique to find your comments...
Enter a Google Plus search like this:
"Ronnie Bincer" -inurl:108210288375340023376

Where the name in quotes is Your Google Plus name and the number after the '-inurl:' text is Your Profile ID.

You can find your profile ID number by going to your 'Profile' area and snagging it from within the URL up top.

Thanks for this technique go to +Nico Gerrits who mentioned how to do it in a bunch of comments on a post by +Gideon Rosenblatt where he was talking about Hashtags and how they are searchable now inside comments. Thanks also to +Sean Grace for asking the inspiring question.

GREAT TIP!!! for sure... Where's Me Treasure?!?
Share it with your friends, and SAVE the SEARCH you do so you can get back to it later - Great for DATA MINING and seeing who is sharing your stuff as well.
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#googleplustips   #searchtips   #findyourcomments   #findshares   #datamining   #postingstrategy  
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Here's the use case I've got in mind for the +Omate TrueSmart ( #HowIOmate  / +Nikolas Moore ):

1. I'm in the UK. I'll permanently place a microSIM in the watch from OVIVO, who are a virtual network that run off Vodafone. It includes 750MB of data completely free each month (funded by an advert that appears when the web browser is opened).

2. I'll install TU Go on both my phone and the watch. This is an app designed by Telefonica Digital and available to O2 UK Pay Monthly contract users (and other Telefonica territories, I believe) that allows calls and SMS to be made and received through wi-fi or 3G/4G on any Android or iOS (and hopefully Windows Phone in the future) phone or tablet that has the app installed, using the subscriber's O2 number and deducting from the allowance of their tariff. The app contains a centralised list of all the calls and texts that have been sent through it on any device. This means, for instance, that if you have the app installed on a Galaxy S4, a Nexus 7 and an iPad touch connected to a home wi-fi network, then all three devices will ring at once. The person at the other end, whether making or receiving the call, doesn't need to have the app installed. I understand that Google Voice works in a similar manner.

I believe that 3UK are planning to offer a similar app around the time that they launch their LTE network in December.

I don't have a suitable emulator image set up, so please could someone see how the app functions on a 240x240 display?

(and for anyone who wants to try it on an iOS device, here is the link: )

3. When running or riding my bike, I'll activate the 3G on the TrueSmart and leave my phone at home. I can then make/receive calls and texts on the watch "from my O2 number", i.e. interfacing through TU Go.   

4. At every other time, i.e. when my phone is in my pocket, I'll answer calls on that. I'll turn off the cellular connection on the TrueSmart and use it as a regular watch. I'd like it to simply display the time/date/current weather etc. (the layout ideas that are currently being designed in the clockface contest) but in a low-power mode similar to Active Display used in the Moto X, and Nokia's Sleeping Screen and Big Clock in Symbian and MeeGo (N9), and Glance Screen on Windows Phone. Nokia managed to get the latter working with LCD screens as well as AMOLED ( ) so hopefully the same will be possible here.

I've also noticed some carping at the other recent smartwatch announcements. Yes, they may only be companion devices rather than also offering standalone functionality, but they have their merits. The TrueSmart features a 1.5" IPS LCD by LG Display at 240x240 resolution, but the Galaxy Gear (with 70 apps complete with UI optimisations anticipated to be offered, and 12 showcased already) features a 1.63" Super AMOLED at 320x320 resolution (so lower outdoor visibility but lower power draw, as well as a larger screen and FAR higher resolution) and the Qualcomm Toq a 1.5" Mirasol at 288x192 (so lower outdoor visibility still but FAR lower power draw, as well as a larger screen and similar resolution: "The Mirasol display stays on all the time, never turns off, but still lets the Toq last multiple days between charges." . There are plans for a 577ppi 1.6" 600x600 version in a few years: Ref 2:12 of the video at ).

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Sliding glass doors...a criminals worst nightmare.
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Wow, Intel's Android 4.3 x86 emulator image [1] with their HAXM driver [2] installed and host GPU turned on is blazing fast. On my Core i7 MacBookPro with 16GB RAM, I'm talking a cold startup time of a few seconds and very few dropped frames for an emulated Nexus 10 (2560x1600) screen. Compressed and down-scaled screencast attached.


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