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In early America, blacksmiths often also served as dentists.

In Medieval Germany, the only cure for a toothache was to kiss a donkey.

73% of Americans would rather go grocery shopping than floss.

Be sure to get a new toothbrush every 3 to 4 months

If your tooth gets knocked out, dip it in milk & then put it back in your mouth to save the tooth. See your dentist right away.

Eating sugary foods after meals decreases the chance for cavities, as opposed to eating sugary foods alone.

According to the AAP, 50% of respondents surveyed said that a smile is the first feature they notice about another person.

George Washington's dentures were made of gold, ivory, lead & a mixture of human, donkey & hippopotamus teeth.

Dogs have 42 teeth, cats have 30 teeth, pigs have 44 teeth, & an armadillo has 104 teeth.

Before modern toothpaste, humans used charcoal or ground chalk, ashes, lemon juice, & honey-tobacco mixtures to clean their teeth!
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