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As you've probably noticed by now, the standard intel site has been updated, breaking IITC yet again.

I've had a chance to have a quick look at the changes. Bad news - the changes remove nearly all the useful details that IITC uses to display richer information.

Originally the intel map was sent the full data for every portal on screen (all ownership, resonator, mods, images, title - everything) - so IITC could make use of this to show highlighters, calculate statistics, etc.

Now, only the bare minimum is sent for all portals: position, level, team, health, resonator count - the minimum needed for the standard intel map - plus, oddly, the title and image. 

IITC and the plugins make many assumptions that the full details are available, so it is likely to be a fair amount of work to fix this.

The full details can be retrieved, but only for one portal at a time. So we'll still be able to have the full details for the selected portal.

So is IITC dead? No. Things like 'draw tools' still make it essential for planning. But it will take a while to get things working again, and it will be severely crippled in the extra plugins and highlighters that can be used.
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Not sure about player tracker - haven't spotted changes to COMM (but wasn't looking closely there) - so should be fine
Stinks. Thanks for all the work you guys do. 
So is Niantic cutting down the database queries? Did they receive their first bill from google? Edit: on a more positive note the mobile intel site seems much more usable now
Such a shame I used it everyday to maintain my fields and do a lot more things.
On the other hand Google is making it more fair for those who don't use.
It's time to play ingress just like in the good old days.
Looks like an attempt by Niantic to make stock intel actually usable on mobile.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this mean I can no longer load an area of the map then go offline and still be able to click in and out of different portals?
This struggle is more like a chess match than the actual game.
I wish NIA would hire you guys already. I can't use their mobile map without it locking up. 
No, +Jan Kopanski I think it was fair enough before. If someone gave you the chance to decide what car you want to drive, a Ferrari or a Golf and you pick the Volkswagen, is it unfair if your opponent chooses the Ferrari?
What I mean is, if IITC only picked up informations niantic is sending, than I think it is good. An example: in IITC I can see how long a specific portal is alive. Date and time. Why can't I see that information in the official intel map? Do how can I know what portal is worth to defend over weeks or not to get the badge?

Plus, you have different mentalities on this planet. In Germany, where I live, as long as a thing is not forbidden, it's allowed until someone says it's not anymore.
In the tos it's the other way, everything not specific allowed us forbidden until it was putted on the whitelist....
I mean, it's a different question-and-answer-game:
For me: "Is it forbidden? No. Let's do it!"
For other parts in the world: "Are we allowed to do this? I don't know, I think not. Than wet can't..."

Just my 2 cents...
so is there going to be a temp fix that allows the base intel map to load with the ability to use things such as player tracker, draw tools, portal level filters, and other plugins that can work without portal data?   

Thanks for all the work you do.  If I was capable to I would be helping you...  but im an idiot.
No matter what happens, your efforts will always be appreciated by the player community. Thank you!
As long as the draw tools still work, I'm happy enough.

Thanks for all your hard work. Niantic have a long way to go to reach the standards set by IITC.
Thank you +IITC so much for all your hard work and dedication to keep IITC alive!
Standard intel doesn't even tell you when a portal was 'discovered' anymore!
Brian Tao
I was just peeking into the changes, and it looks like Niantic's done quite a bit of refactoring when it comes to what data is being sent to the browser. I don't believe any of this was done intentionally to break IITC, because it does optimize things (data is only requested/sent when it is needed, which should speed things up). However, it will result in a lot of work for IITC and plugin developers that rely on such information.

It looks like the comm feed is largely untouched, aside from a new munge set. That is easy to fix. Also, there may be a silver lining to all this: the new "c00thnhf1yp3z6mn" method appears to retrieve individual portal detail based on GUID. Previously, this was not possible. You had to first figure out the coordinates of the portal, then calculate the map tile ID containing that portal, request the map tile objects, then sift through it looking for the one portal you wanted. Now it appears (at first glance, anyway) that it will be possible to directly fetch portal details without the server returning unwanted data.
Does that mean the request I made a while ago about listing off details of bookmarked portals is now a possibility?  i.e. "Show me a list of bookmarked portals so I know what needs recharging".
Sounds like it would make sense to send only data that's needed, +Brian Tao.
But only until you reach the point on with you recognise, that IITC did receive all this data, display it it menu ways and plugins an still was dozens of times faster than the intel map only showing tiny pieces of all that data. So the problem should be searched by niantic at a completely other point I think, it was not the amount of days sent.
Brian Tao
This also brings up a dilemma for IITC. In order to preserve functionality, IITC will have to download the detailed information for every portal in view. This could be thousands of portals in some cases. The stock intel map downloads the detailed information only for portals the user clicked on.

In this scenario, IITC would be making thousands of calls to the server, downloading 10s if not 100s times the amount of data as the stock intel site. This will legitimize Niantic's concern that third-party tools consume more resources to support and may adversely affect the experience of players who do not use such tools. By extension, it also makes IITC's behaviour very easy to pick out. Will we see more warnings/suspensions because of "excessive intel map usage"? That may become a serious concern.

I don't know if there is an easy way out of this, but I suspect the safe route would be to sacrifice functionality for the sake of playing nice with the intel server.
+Brian Tao I will not automate bulk download of the detailed portal data - such use will easily be considered 'excessive' by Niantic, leading to user bans. IITC will have to make do with the minimal details in most cases, other than when the user selects a specific portal.
I love IITC.. Its been totally awesome but we all know that NIA is most likely making these changes to purposely break stuff from 3rd party people.

With that said I do forsee a day in the near future that perhaps IITC no longer works at all.
As +Chris Neu mentioned, will there be a temporary fix? I heavily rely on the artifact list, and I need it hourly. Any chance of getting that back sooner rather than later?

Why can they not simply accept that IITC makes a better intel site than them, and get their web monkeys to produce a proper functional API for anyone interested to develop against? Oh wait, given the intel site, they'd probably screw up any API too.
+Matt Neurath people need to keep remember that IITC goes against the very TOS that NIA put in place.

To purposely break rules and not expect consequenes is just plain silly. And what is even more silly is people thinking its ok to break the TOS because they can.
+IITC your efforts, as always, greatly appreciated.
+IITC: I definitely agree. Attempting to bulk download detailed portal information now for the sake of preserving functionality would be committing software suicide. We will simply have to get used to living without such functionality.

But as I mentioned, given that it seems possible to directly request detailed info for individual portals, we might even get new functionality that was previously not possible. :-)
+Curtis Neudorf and people need to also remember, if the web monkeys could do their job properly IITC would never have existed. Innovative companies, when shown that their community can do a better job than they can, will use those community resources and re-assign their own resources to other tasks. Niantic is not an innovative company.

Also, I never said we shouldn't expect consequences, or that it was ok to break the rules. It's generally considered rude and obnoxious to put words in other peoples mouths.
What I would really like to see from IITC from now start distributing the portal information data, whenever somebody clicks a portal and receives the info it gets distributed to everybody who is using IITC at the moment (bittorrent?). Cache that info for 5 minutes or so. No extra load for the vanilla site, all the info for us.

Possibly less load on the vanilla site :)
+Brent Hollett: No promises yet, as I have not experimented with the new method, but I am cautiously optimistic that what you want to do is now possible. I've been wanting this functionality too for other purposes as well. I may have some time on the weekend to play around with this, but I believe it is possible to quickly and efficiently retrieve detail on individual portals, as long as you keep it to a reasonable number (e.g., a list of a few dozen bookmarked portals in your area).
og g.
+IITC thanx for all your work. if i get the post right, most features which are essential for me (drawing-tools, bookmarks, portal-level-numbers, different map base) will still be possible, some very helpfull plug-ins (upgrade, highlight your level 8 resonators, mitigation) won't - but most of this just requires once own brain-work, without device...
+Tommi Lätti Hmmm... I think that would be a total breaking of the TOS! I think it would be in the same camp as providing exports that I have read +IITC avoids like the plague and, in reality, even if folks think differently, Niantic have pretty much turned a blind eye to the "normal" use of IITC. 

On this update, I don't see it either as a "Niantic war on IITC" as much as they have seen the data that was being made available and saw ways to improve the Intel Map by reducing the information that just plain isn't needed to be sent for any reason (date a portal was captured) or any valid gameplay reason and for them to send less data in order to improve the experience and improve performance and heck, improve the data usage of folks on mobile devices! 

Heck, most folks complain about the performance of the intel map as a reason to use IITC. Well, Intel map should work quicker! Isn't this what you argued you wanted? 

I love what was done with IITC and think its just another brilliant case of what a community will do when it has access to information but in saying that, I won't miss Player tracking as I thought the pre-IITC player tracking skills were amazing fun and differed players skills! I am just so happy with the removal of the Capture date as hopefully it will remove the experience of opposition players doing runs at the 89 day mark of a portals life to destroy it before a person gets the guardian badge! Perhaps it will mean folks cleaning up areas more often as the age of the portals will be less known. 

So, yes, I love IITC and if it is returned, I will use it but I am fine with Niantics cleaning up of the amount of information shared! 

Could be, haven't read the TOS.

I'm fine with them optimising their website to conserve bandwidth, but there definitely was some negative feelings coming from N. It was quite obvious when they started using random strings as the tags and then re-randomising them weekly to make IITC broken for a few hours. There was really no technical reason to do that.

Anyway, if they wanted to shut out 3rd party devs they could just make their map an app and then crypt everything in-between so that tapping the stream becomes impossible. They haven't done that.

The portal age thingy was completely useless info IMO (among some other data), our local blues were complaining a lot because the greens were targeting single 'old' portals in a sea of blue portals and then vanishing in thin air. 


If I was developing that part of the game, I would definitely open up an API and start charging. Let's say first 1000 queries to API free per 24h, use some in-game money to buy some more requests and so on :)

I actually suggested 'lets make a better ingress' to my colleagues, but the company rule currently is to only use in-house IP so no go yet. Maybe next cycle ;)
+Tommi Lätti although I too thought that would be neat, that is not an easy thing to establish without cost, and it's also certainly against ToS.  I really don't think that it's practical.

+IITC thank you for your efforts!
The stock intel still blows on Chrome on my s3. Anyone notice any better performance from the update? 
As a veteran, it's going to be interesting to see the folks that have never known a (Ingress) world without IITC! ;-)
+Titan Rain the mobile intel map is really more responsive now, in either chrome or stock browser from my galaxy nexus
Boy, that escalated quickly. :D
Have Niantic deemed that IITC provides too much information in some respects or is the server load just that hard to keep up with?
+Neal Meredith I don't know officially but I would guess that they saw two issues with the one fix, 1) to much, unneeded information (ie. Portal captured date) for day to say game play. 2) reduce data transmitted/processing of data that is sent for better performance.
+Neal Meredith: I really don't think Niantic did this specifically to mess up IITC. This is a performance optimization, pure and simple. People have long complained about how slow the stock intel site is on mobile browsers (and even on the desktop sometimes). The latest changes mean less load on the server back-end, less data sent over the mobile network, and less processing and memory use on the client side.
Thank you for your efforts IITC.

Even if this improves the performance of the stock site I will come back to IITC. In China the GPS offset results in portals being about 80m offset South East, rendering the map pointless. IITC is our only viable option to play properly, so again, thank you. 

Aaaand the stock Intel is down, fantastic work Niantic
Iitc is dead? On 11.14.2013 ingress became one year old, but nobody plays ingress anymore. We can only get iitc to work, if we stop playing ingress until they change the api back.
I assume the title and image are there so when you click on a portal, the pop up has at least SOME information there immediately.

I thought the health was odd, until I remembered they had a health filter!
+Phillip Malone Badger said the capture date is just a plain old bug.  Other posts said it's sent over the wire, someone just forgot to display it.
+IITC do you think we could get a core feature for downloading the portals at a plausible human rate? For example, time how long it would take you to click twenty portals on stock Intel and scan the resonators to see if your eight is on it, and then make it so there is a way to have any "highlighter" or search type plugins check each portal at the same rate. Probably a shared function that takes a list of portals, so the caller can prioritize the list however makes sense. A more advanced version of the portal scan function would randomize the delay between portal checks to match the distribution of a human clicking on them, not just the mean delay.

You would probably also want a shared function for listing the viewed portals in the most useful order, so the majority of highlighter plugins could just call it. My guess at this order would be to start with the center portal and sort by ascending distance from center of screen.

+Curtis Neudorf Actually, it is questionable whether it goes against the TOS - user scripts are a built in feature of the Chrome browser provided by Google. A strict reading of the TOS that excludes IITC, also excludes using Internet Explorer or Firefox to access the Intel page.
I guess this makes sense when Ingress gets out of beta.  There will be an overload of data is the standard or IITC intel maps pull data for ALL portals.  I don't really think this is directed at IITC.  Rather it is to ensure the system doesn't overload when it exits beta.  That also means we have to work around the inconvenience of loading individual portal data.  It will take longer but at least it won't crash... thanks for all the hard work IITC.
Note that I said the intel map is usable now. But it is still useless. It seems Niantic is determined to remove any bit of fun and planning from the game by making of it just 'flip the colour of the portal next to you' game. How fun. Yes, I am sure that the next large field will be done by someone driving for hours to a location just to find out if a link can be made or not
Fabulous. Can I get on with playing the game now you've clearly and concisely labelled everything to the Nth degree?
+Leona Lawrence to be frank IITC was not giving any information that was not already available in the standard intel. After all it pulls the same data from the same server with the same API calls. But it was doing more efficiently and presenting the data in a more usable way - in particular by having that useful feature called 'works properly'. Ingress is a mobile based game and not everyone has a laptop - and the intel map, as it is, is not usable on mobile. If you believe that this is cheating you are free to argue that it is, but please make your point - calling people cry babies doesn't show maturity especially considering you must have joined the IITC community just to post. Last thing - report me as much as you want. I believe that reporting a post that does not break any g+ rule damages your reputation way more than mine.
I take this as an indication of Google's real intentions. Are they there as they would like to be seen as an innovator working closely with their community to inspire and drive creativity. Or are they just another Apple with the  "do it our way or else" attitude.
+Leona Lawrence Is banned from ingress at this moment so can hardly lecture people about breaking the rules. Playername hereticdark, and is an middle aged man from glasgow, scotland. I suggest you ignore him. 
This means I will have to carry a little notebook to record portal times - like a train spotter - FML :-(

In other news - I thought 33 was middle aged in Scotland ;-)
+Piero Filippin dammit, i love this game. i paint the dalmatiners blue, then green, then blue again...and all from home. 
So when IITC tries to fetch all the detail data from each displayed portal, Niantec can easily identify you as IITC user and thus disable your account or just block you for abuse. Dammit. :(
Ha, started using IITC only yesterday and now this, my timing is impeccable.
Dear +IITC - thank you for all your hard work thus far and in the future; I really appreciate it and think it's fantastic. I'm seeing posts here and there on G+ from players who use IITC and haven't seen this explanatory post, and I'm doing my best to point it out to them so that they know what's going on. I wonder if it's worth having, particularly on mobile IITC, some kind of "IITC status" in IITC so that when something goes wrong, users know you're aware of it and not to go flooding G+ with questions that have already been answered. In a professional context we find this useful at my company and it struck me it could work for you guys too. Thanks again!
Keep up the great work guys, for me even if only the draw tools work iitc would still be an essential tool ;-)
The ToS has a grey area in that Google specifically disclaims ownership of user submitted content: i.e. most of COMM, portals, photos, actions etc. But that with permission of content creators, it would be possible to download this information from Ingress within the terms of service.
thanks much for the work +IITC , the player tracker helps a lot for tracking down those mockers here to minimize their activities.
maybe time to stop playing?... the basic game is nice but things like player tracker make it strategic. the normal intel is not usable on a mobile... so doing what all others without IITC  are doing? smashing the next enemy portal in range and that's it?
If they really let us stick with vanilla intel it's def a reason to stop playing.
I do feel crippled using the basic intel map. It is still sluggish, cumbersome, and generally inferior in every way to iitc. 
+IITC we will continue to use and support you - even now you are not working you are more useful than the standard intel map. 
Missing IItc all ready   Please come back soon  !!  
Ingress u should replace your Sh***  with this great service  
+Brian Tao can you give a list of examples of new things that might be possible with this change? Things we couldn't do before +IITC 
+Chris Scribner I hope to get a test build of the IITC script working some time over the weekend. Then I'll need to fix or remove the broken plugins, so middle of next week at the earliest for a new release build.
+IITCTake your time mate. One thing all of this doing for me is making me realise all over again what a damn good bit of kit you produced. 
Thanks a lot for you Work ! 
there's always a downside to everything that's decent and this is Ninantec's since they claim to listen to the community they should listen to their fanbase and just allow IITC or even make it the default and replace the garbage they call an Intel Map.
+Russell Robertson I disagree.  As much as I lament the loss of functionality for IITC, the native Intel map was massively bloated by the data it was sending, and thus never worked.  Niantic have taken the approach of not supporting anything but the Intel map (mistakenly IMO, but that's an aside).  The changes made (aside from the MOD bug) have not removed any of the functionality of the native Intel map as users see it, but have massively improved its performance to the point where its actually usable.

Its simple, but it does the job Niantic wants it to do, and culling all the unnecessary and bloated data that was never every used by the Intel map is a logical and good step for a page used in isolation.  In the eyes of Niantic, this change was a good and worthwhile one.  The use of IITC and BrootMod are actively discouraged by Niantic because they don't control the codebase and therefore aren't able to ensure that no malicious code is included, so they don't consider the fact that anyone can install those scripts as keeping it fair and even. 

Counterpoint is that those of us who heavily utilised that extra data through TOS tenuous scripts are now unable to use the same level of information we once enjoyed. but its a brave new world, and until Niantic release their API, we're subject to all of these short sighted decisions.
Also for anyone complaining about the broken Intel map, if you try it at a L1 or L2 portal zoom level, you'll find its actually pretty usable for what it does. 

I want IITC back too, but as a map displaying portals and resonators, it does the job quite effectively and quickly now.
Just tried the stock Intel map. Not impressed. 
IITC makes this game playable. Keep up the good work. I'm optimistic that it will be alright in the future. 
Keep up the great work guys! 
+Brent Hollett right now I can't even check what mods are on a portal via standard intel...
Have they never thought of testing a change before pushing it live?
(First person to whine "it's beta" gets a punch in the gob).
+Steve Evans Actually, I assumed that that was intentional.  This is such a big change for them that they wanted to get it out in parts to make sure that each layer works.  Retrieving the mods I expect will be along shortly.  And even out of beta, there are teething problems in any product.

Take the examples set by companies like Blizzard.  Highly successful in what they do, 8 or 9 years down the track, but I remember in the first year of WoW all the "WTF" moments, where their servers couldn't cope with load, where you'd randomly fall through cracks in the earth and die etc.

There's a simple way to vote for whether you like how the game is developed or not.  Keep playing = Like it.  Quit playing = Don't like it.
Load is something you can never fully test for, but basic functionality missing is something else!
Yes, I know we're the beta testers, but before the beta testers you're supposed to have some Alpha's, even if that's you and your work mates in the office who run through the functions.
I get the impression Niantic are more of the "It compiles, ship it!" model!
Player tracker is equivalent to stalking a person. I have had one of our smurfs (that I know of) use it to stalk my actions onthe ggame all over the state. I should report him to the police for harassment and stalking. I do NOT appreciate being stalked and know a lot of others who don't want to be stalked, either. In fact, we consider it harassment but God forbid if you actually use this person's real name. He freaks out. He is aldo a known cheater in our region but Niantic had done nothing about the reports made.
The player tracker purely uses the information from the comm.
It's invaluable for tracking spoofers.
Right now you'd have to do a load of data processing manually to spot them.
+Trishanna B. that's terrible, but obviously some of the actions you mention are against TOS anyway. Player tracker only uses info that is still available without it
I was playing ingress and am not a cheater. Just don't like people telling me that they "saw" me four or five hours away from where we live. I was not even talking in comms. And we NEVER use real names in comms...just in person. He uses real names in comms.
and without the IITC traffic the stock intel page speed still sucks donkey dong.
+Trishanna B. I think they were referring to all comm... Any time you link, deploy, capture, etc.. it shows up in all comm. That is info that any user can see in all comm. So your creepy guy would still be stalker creep without iitc.
+Trishanna B. Unfortunately Player Tracker is one of the few things that was unaffected (aside from the other infrastructure requiring changes) by this Intel map update.  My advice is to keep reporting the person to Niantic.  As an information junkie, I know way too much about other players, and can understand where it would be really upsetting to have someone use that to stalk you.  If they actually make physical contact or approach you, call the police immediately.
It is best! I cant understand Niantic and Google stop it for us. Very bad way for Niantic. We can stop take photos for new portals to view the fight for IITC.
+Jonas Jerner: You need to take in consideration that Niantic has, frequently, stated that IITC is against the ToS. I don't think they've intentionally broken IITC - it looks more like an optimization of code than an attempt to break "plugins". Although, personally, I would be more than "okay" with Niantic completely crippling IITC (as long as they release/create/open an API that allows IITC or similar to be created without breaking the ToS). 
Nothing from Niantic can brake IITC. Can Niantic build a new iitc we dont need iitc. Now it is very bad and i way more 50% use iitc. It is cildrens level of Niantic to stop another people to make a better program or app. 
Without decent Intel, the game is a lot less interesting. What's the point in going out if you can't do any planning. Niantic, you got us cheaply crowd-sourced for your stupid points of interests (portals), now LET US PLAY the damn game.
+R H Byng Have you installed Tampermonkey first? More details in the 'Requirements' section on the download page.
The sad thing about this is that IITC is exactly in the spirit of the game setting and background story. Any sort of battle like this would result in both sides developing improved Intel tools, especially when the base Intel map is as bad as it is. 
The most unrealistic bit is perhaps that IITC is developed and shared openly instead of secretely in each of the factions, but I'm not going to suggest getting that "fixed" ;).
Agents would probably also share more info internally in the faction than what both IITC and the base Intel map allow.
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