Recovering lost bookmarks and draw-tools drawings

As part of the latest site update by Niantic, they re-introduced a redirect from http to https.

However, as browsers have separate versions of localStorage for http and https, if you previously used http, you will find you no longer have access do your bookmarks or drawn items.

The data is still in your browser, and can be recovered - although it is a little fiddly.

To recover the data, first open a web page on the http version of the site -

Next, open the browser developer console (press F12).

Now you need to find the data to recover. On Chrome, you can switch to the Resources tab, expand Local Storage, and select

Two items in here are important:
- plugin-bookmarks - all your bookmarks
- plugin-draw-tools-layer - your drawn items

To export the data, double-click on the 'Value' column, then right-click and choose 'copy'. Now open a new tab on the https intel page -, and use the 'DrawTools Opt' or 'Bookmarks Opt' dialigs to import via the 'Paste' buttons.

Firefox doesn't have an easy way to browse Local Storage. Instead, open the console, and run the command
  +window.prompt("to copy: ctrl-c, enter",localStorage["plugin-bookmarks"])
  +window.prompt("to copy: ctrl-c, enter",localStorage["plugin-draw-tools-layer"])
to copy the data - and paste as above.

Unfortunately, these methods can only be used on IITC Desktop
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