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Ingress Intel Total Conversion
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MapBox tile layer discontinued

It has been pointed out that IITC has been using the GNOME Project's private MapBox servers without permission, and causing the majority (94%!) of their traffic. As a result, we have been politely asked to stop doing this, and have agreed. They also took down the servers to ensure we complied, so staying on an old build won't help you.

Funding MapBox access at IITC's scale would cost hundreds of dollars per month, however there might be an option to allow people to register for and enter personal use keys if they do wish to continue using this tile layer. We'll post an update when we know more, but for the time being we will have to remove the MapBox layer entirely.

Apologies for the disruption, but there are fewer providers willing to give free access to map tiles these days.

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What to do if IITC isn't loading in Chrome

As a workaround, be sure to visit rather than

A new test build already fixes this issue, and once it's verified to be safe then a new release build will be published.

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Update: IITC 0.25.1. released. This minor fix is required to fix search breaking after an API change by MapQuest. Otherwise identical to 0.25.0

IITC 0.25.0 released. This is a critical update to fix things after a Niantic site update.

Other changes include
- "Placeholder portals". Like stock intel, IITC creates clickable portals at the end of links. Portal highlighters won't work on these as they don't contain enough information
- Artifacts loading fixed after a change in data format by Niantic
'- show-more-portals' plugin is no longer required - Niantic now return all portals at zoom 15, rather than zoom 17
- New plugin: "cache-details-on-map". Caches the portal details as you select portals, and keeps these portals on the map even when you zoom out
- and other tweaks/bugfixes

Downloads, as always, from the website
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Just pushed a fix for IITC to the test builds. Assuming no major issues a stable release will be made later today.

Artifact data and IITC

Niantic have changed over to a different API for artifacts, so we have less data than before.

The critical changes are:
- we no longer know which team the target portals are for - just that they're a target portal
- we no longer know, in bulk for the artifact list, which shards are at which portals - just that one or more shards are at the portal

When you select one specific portal, the extended details do include the list of shards at the portal.

However, there is no more data for target portals. There's no way to know via the map which target is for which team.

Changes to work with this are being pushed to the test builds.

IITC Test Builds - Placeholder Portals

Initial support for drawing placeholder portals at the start/end of links has been added to the IITC test builds.

Minimal testing of the changes so far - a few plugins were updated to work, but many will be broken by the changes. Further fixes will come over time.

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IITC 0.24.0 has been released. This is a critical update to fix the map not loading anything after a Niantic site update.

NOTE: Niantic have removed portals from the map data at all but the closest of zoom levels (L1+ - zoom 15+). The stock intel site creates dummy placeholder portals at the anchors for links, allowing you to click and open the portal details. However, IITC does not do this yet. It will take some time to modify IITC and the plugins to allow for such placeholder portals, so making a first release without them.

Downloads, as always, from the website
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IITC 0.23.0 has been released. This is a critical update needed to fix thins after a Niantic site update

Downloads, as always, from the website
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IITC 0.22.3 has been released. Changes include

- Lightman Shards supported
- Workaround for map loading not reaching 100%
- IITC Mobile: fix dialogs not appearing on Android 5 with the System WebView update
- Remove unnecessary prompt on botguard script response
- Plugin: Missions - full mission support
- Plugin: show-linked-portals - more details shown
- Plugin: show-more-portals - enabled again for one zoom level

Downloads, as always, from the website
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IITC 0.22.2 released

This is a critical update needed to fix loading the map on some zoom levels after today's intel site update.

Downloads, as always, from the website
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