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Moshe Kaplan
Scale Hacker and Cloud/SaaS Expert
Scale Hacker and Cloud/SaaS Expert

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Docker is Amazing. Here are 5 tips how to use it!
Docker is Amazing! If you are not sure yet why should you use it, think of it as Digital Ocean tutorials that are as a simple file you can always run over and over: Step 1: Create a Dockerfile Dockerfile includes the list of commands you are going to perfor...

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Optimizing Your Spark Cluster for Various Scenarios
Given a defined scenario for your system, how can meet requirements? Asking for more machines, memory and cores is always a valid idea, but your CFO may not approve it. "Know Your Data" As Demi Ben Ari says: "know your data" is the answer. You must understa...

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Creating LVM disk for MongoDB: Right or Not?
One of the benefits of using replicated environments is the option of having large high IOPS disks using commodity disks, without the need to create complex HA disk based solutions like RAID 10. We wil demostrate this method by creatign a LVM based disk arr...

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Ruby is Dead! (You nead to take care of its memory issues)
One of the common problems with Ruby is its memory usage, just like JVM based languages (yes Java, I'm talking about you). Actually Ruby just like Java is based on garbage collector. This GC if not used correctly, can cause "stop the world scenarios" (as we...

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Neo4j Cluster Performance Tuning
Neo4j is one of the leading graph database these days, and is very popular in recommendation system, fraud detetion and social networks scenarios. While the single instance (that is included in the community edition) performs very well (w/ usuall <10ms agpl...

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Providing MongoDB User Granular Access to User Cluster
Unlike a single instance MongoDB setup or even a ReplicaSet one, when it gets to a Sharded installation, things may get thougher. For example, if you gave a user a reading permissions to use MongoChef (a most recommended MongoDB client), when it comes to a ...

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Spark, Python and Windows
Yes, it may not be common, but if you want a quick start for a Windows guy on the hotest Big Data platform around, you will find this tutorial relevant for you: Get the Needed Software Spark 1.6

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Apache htaccess Debugging Ugly. This Will Save Your A$$...
If you ever created redirection rules in Apache htaccess or configuration file, you probably know that things can easily turn ugly. Without debugging tools and with long testing cycle, the debugging can be painful. The  htaccess tester  tool can solve your ...

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5 Intimidate Steps to Take Care of Your MongoDB
Do you face some performance issues in your MongoDB setup? In this case use the following steps to provide some first aid to your system and gain some space for a long term architecture (such as Sharding) Step 1: Enable slow queries Get intelligence about y...

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Prepare for Failure in Your AWS Environment
In the cloud everything can happen.  Actually everything will happen. Therefore, in your design, you should be ready for failures: even if you expect your disk mounts to be there for you, they might not be. And you are doing auto scaling, it is most likely ...
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