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The only site you'll need to read, track and bookmark thousands of comics online.


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Check out this guest article by webcomic creator J Gray! Excellent advice for anyone starting out as a webcomic creator. And if you aren't creating a webcomic, it's interesting insight into the challenges faced by the folks whose work we're all enjoying.

And hey, if you'd like to share your thoughts on webcomics with Comic Rocket readers, drop us a note at!
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I asked folks on Twitter, "Who in webcomics do you think really deserves more attention than they get?" I got lots of interesting answers, especially from webcomic creators. Here's a summary.
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I've never seen tea as a Kickstarter reward before, have you? The novelty was too much for me to resist, not to mention that of course I'd like to see how the Boston Metaphysical Society comic is going to turn out.

Check out Madeleine Holly-Rosing's creation, Boston Metaphysical Society ( It's a steampunk/paranormal story set in an alternate Boston of 1895.

And if you like it, be sure to contribute to the Kickstarter for printing the second half! (

For you tea lovers out there, I'm thrilled to announce that we have a new $40.00 reward level. This level not only includes a signed copy of the 136 page book along with everything in the levels below, but will include a BOSTON METAPHYSICAL SOCIETY KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE BLACK TEA BLEND (3 oz.). This tea has been specially designed for BOSTON METAPHYSICAL SOCIETY by DONNA OF CLOCKWORK COUTURE!!
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Props to +Jonathon Dalton for completing "A Mad Tea-Party", and best of luck on his Kickstarter for getting it printed! (

Check out Jonathon's essay, "Writing the Future As It Happens", on the challenges of serializing sci-fi stories. And if you haven't read "A Mad Tea-Party" yet, give it a shot (

Finally, a reminder: We keep a list of webcomic Kickstarter/Indiegogo projects ( and we need your help to keep it up to date. Let us know if you or a webcomic creator you know has launched a crowd-funding project and we'll help promote it!
I wrote an article for Bleeding Cool on writing stories set in the future when it keeps moving as you write.
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Really glad to have been able to bring The Duck back online last month. Have a listen to the first Quackcast they've done after coming back online to hear what they're planning for the future of The Duck.
QUACKCAST Episode 140 - Ducks of future past, episode ZERO

Big changes are coming! In this Quackcast we talk about what happened to the duck, what's happening now and what we're trying to make happen in the future. Banes and I chat about all this stuff. Some the most important aspects we mention are the new current domain name for the site, a possible name change for the Quackcast, the help from JustNoPoint and ComicRocket in getting us online again, new helpers coming along to do things like features (kawaiidaigakusei replaces Skool in doing features), and all sorts of bug fixes and new features for the site now a real possibility. Then we get onto a lighter note with a discussion about some Superhero movies and cool Anime series.

Featured comics:
WTF series - d
Rettubia -
DoorMan -
The Overture -

Topics and Show Notes:
Our URL is -
What name should the Quackcast change to?
DD code saviour1, JustNoPoint -
DD code saviour2, Comic Rocket -
Kawaiidaigakusei doing features -
DD Business manager, Trantor -
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If any of you are on Drunk Duck, Comic-Rocket founder and programmer Jamey Sharp is looking to repair the site. His latest report:

"I can read the DrunkDuck comics using the live database and image storage. So far it looks like everyone's data is intact. Still not visible to the world yet, but it should be just a matter of time now..."

I'd say get your new pages ready, but you probably don't want to overload the server once it's live again. If you've taken a break on building your buffer, now's probably the time to get rolling on it again!


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I made a post on the Comic-Rocket G+, but I thought maybe the crowd here would like to chime in on the merits of crowdfunding. (and if you want to comment on my original post, that'd be awesome! )

fluffy is skipping the crowdfunding-as-pre-order process and is going straight to taking pre-orders on Amazon. She decided that working the crowdfund takes too much time and energy away from actually making comics.

What do you think of pre-orders via crowdfunding? Would you try to do a one without it? If so, what other ways would you promote your pre-order?

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On the busybee blog, "fluffy" announces pre-orders for print versions of the new "Unity" book on Amazon and explains why there isn't going to be a Kickstarter for it.

fluffy shares the elephant in the room about crowdfunding for comicbook pre-orders...that a lot of the work involved in doing a crowdfund takes away time and energy that could be better spent doing work on the actual comic.

If you'd like to pre-order a copy of "Unity", here's the Amazon link:

And if you'd like to sample "Unity" you can look over here-

What do you think of crowdfunding in general? Would you try to do a pre-order without it? If so, what other ways would you promote your pre-order?
Share your thoughts below!

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