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Embrace the Random
Embrace the Random

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Every relationship is gonna end up work. Why not go with someone who wants to work towards the same goal. Like calories we crave what we shouldn't. That's the nature of us. As humans. There's a million fish in the sea right? Of course there is. And you could find a dream person 1,000 times. The one perfect for you. Or so you think. But when the offer of everything you really want comes up, what really stops us? The heart or the flesh?

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First painting I've done solo. Not too shabby I'd say. #painting #thefirst #alreadyspokenfor 

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Sittin on a picnic table that's in the water..... The locals came by to see what was up. 

Alright Friday, time I get you over with so I can have a good weekend. You stay outta my way an ill stay outta yours. 

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Good sun beautiful out 

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Someone send an ice cream man to our location ASAP. We're from outta town someone hook is up

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Freakin awesome
Awesome Video!! Patton Oswalt pitches the ultimate Star Wars Sequels

I've heard he did this without a script, so his geekness gets 1000 points!

UPDATE: There's a movie poster mock-up here -


Actions do speak louder than words. And time shows all things. Happy Monday Google+
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