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Serge Ivanov
Software Developer | Night Photographer | Digital Painter | Tech Geek
Software Developer | Night Photographer | Digital Painter | Tech Geek

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Freezing Rain Storm

January crystal laminated land
annual and distal contaminated sand

dormant and defiant nature is subsurface
four wall prison for the weak and nervous

sunlight surrenders into winter oblivion
life becomes hard and dark as obsidian

#Toronto   #Nikon   #D700   #85mm   #winter   #winter   #icestormtoronto2013   #icestorm   #winterwonderland  

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To those who haven't, check out +Armand Salmon. He is a New York  City photographer who constantly puts out quality street shots. Go circle him, and take a look at his work.

By the way, this shot should be viewed in full screen!
5 Seconds

A little background information about this photo... It was taken in January of 2012 on a Charity Coat drive / photo-walk coordinated by a group of Google+ New York photographers. It was also the weekend of Chinese New Year's celebration and we were in Chinatown.
When I first posted this photo, I stated it was my favorite photo to date, and there was little fanfare. It was not my most popular photo of 2012 by any means, but it remains one of my favorite for what it shows; a very brief moment of joy for those who witnessed it.

It was over in a few seconds. Although, I'd like to think that for those who saw, it will have a lasting memory.

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Spadina Avenue

2012 was a very important year in the development of my own tastes in photography. I spend a great deal of time taking photographs at night on a street in Toronto called Spadina Avenue. I felt it was only appropriate that I put forth this submission for the 2012 edition of the wonderful photo book project we have here on G+. I spent the coldest months of the Canadian winter in 2012 walking around the same few city blocks. Spadina was my go-to place.

The shadows, light, contrast, and general atmosphere that I felt on this street and the surrounding neighborhoods was something really unique. I am someone who constantly over-analyzes the minutiae of life. I found that my night photography on Spadina was the first thing that really helped me clear my mind and feel a certain peace that  I didn't really know before. It was calming, therapeutic, and more than anything else, meaningful.

Many of you don't know it, but your streams are constant source of visual inspiration to me. As I am currently finishing the last few weeks of my university degree, I don't have as much time to shoot as I would like. I can promise you all that you will see me back in full swing once I'm done getting that little piece of paper!

Finally, I'd like to mention that I was lucky enough to make it into the first edition, and as this place has exploded with talented photographers,  I know that the competition is even higher this year. I have grown to know so many of you on Google+, and simply cannot wait to see your photos again in my hands this year.

You are all awesome!

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University and King

Passengers boarded a streetcar in downtown Toronto as I walked along King St. Something I was amused by this winter was how some people passing by wouldn't pay any particular attention to their surroundings, until they noticed people taking photographs of the beautiful holiday decorations around the city. Suddenly, many of them looked up and started appreciating all of the ornamental lights and started to get it.

I generally only noticed this with older people, and with those that I suspect are long-time Toronto residents. The younger crowd, as well as the out-of-towners from the surrounding suburbs that flocked to the city, seemed to be the ones who most enjoyed posing in front of Christmas trees, skating on the ice at city hall, and enjoying their time off from school or work.

I have to admit that if I wasn't looking through a viewfinder I probably wouldn't notice everything around me that much either. Shooting  photos always somehow distorts the way that I perceive time. It seems to slow down the situation at hand and reduce the urgency that I feel when I am just someone walking in the city trying to get to a destination.

#Toronto   #Canada   #TTC   #streetcar #Nikon   #D700   #nikon1424   #ultrawideangle   #14mm   #nightphotography   #night  

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Bay Street Winter

Last night I was was wandering around downtown Toronto and enjoying the January air. I originally planned to spend more time doing long exposures, but forgot my gloves at home which made it rather unpleasant to fiddle with the tripod. I decided to just bump up the ISO and go with the flow, enjoying moving around instead of freezing in one spot.

On another note, I am always amused at how strange glass from skyscrapers can appear in images. The reflections that appear in them cause them to seemingly have warped geometry, and buildings sometimes appear strange and crumpled-up.

#Toronto   #Canada   #financialdistrict   #baystreet   #Nikon   #D700   #nikon1424   #blackandwhitephotography  

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Let the Lights Dance

As luck would have it, despite having some days off and wanting to go out and shoot more nighttime street scenes, I am sick and stuck at home. Hope I'm better by 2013. Looking forward to ringing in the new year with new photos :)

#Nikon   #D700   #85mm   #nikon85mm14g   #longexposure   #longexposurephotography  

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Just Another Rainy Day

I'm sitting around sorting through a set of photos I took last night, and listening to the relaxing sound of rain. Today was a good day.

#Nikon   #D700   #85mm   #85mm14g   #rain  

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Vertical Rat Race

The denizens of destiny were blinded
the eventual collapse of thought arrived
the ill-prepared faltered with stupidity
and none were left alive

replacing abundant sense of reason
with borderline remorse of revelation
not one would dare to speak
their unwritten expectations

those not knowing and not willing
to accept their time had come
each strayed from their realities
and left them one by one

#nikon   #d700   #nikon1424   #ultrawideangle   #financialdistrict

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Autumn Above

I really love seeing all of the yellows, oranges, and reds of autumn. It's easy to rush past these colors in everyday life. In comparison, the green leaves of summer just don't cut it. Almost every composition looks like a painting; quick strokes of brown and black for trunks and branches, and golden flakes of oil paint for leaves. One day when I have a day to spare, I will dig out my own brushes and oils. I'll have fun on a canvas I have lying around my place just waiting for color.

Hard to believe it is November already. Soon the last of the leaves will be on the ground and the barren trees will line the horizon. I'll probably be busy photographing the lights and decorations of the holiday season in the city to make up for the lack of the dull natural palette of winter.


#fallcolors   #fallphotos   #fall   #autumnphotography   #autumnleaves   #autumnlandscape   #autumn   #trees   #Nikon   #D700   #nikon1424   #14mm   #ultrawideangle

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Angular Confines

I am always fascinated by how a slight variation in tone or color cast on an image can drastically affect the perception the viewer has. Different colors have different cultural and personal meanings behind them.

One of the reasons I was drawn to photography was because of how I started studying color while digital painting. I was really interested by how colors interact with one another, and what contrasts they produce.
Photography allows me to escape from worrying about perfecting physical forms and shapes, while letting me experiment with hue, saturation, and contrast. Sometimes these colors come from the scene completely unaltered in post-production, and other times I feel the need to intervene.

Many argue that such drastic alterations to images do not belong genuine photography, but I am not here to argue such things. I am much more interested in visual art and the impact of an image than I am about the medium or the process.

#Toronto   #Canada   #Chinatown   #Nikon   #D700   #nikon85mm14g   #85mm   #85mmcan  
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