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Cyprus: The ghost city of Famagusta (Ammohostos).

Up until the barbaric Turkish invasion of 1974 Ammohostos was a flourishing city; now a ghost city; a disgrace to all those nations and international organisations that claim to represent democracy, freedom, justice; a disgrace to humanity!

Listen if you can spare the time to this ABC Radio documentary, feel, feel the pain, realise the holocaust that occurred and THINK: 

Ghost Town Famagusta 'Ammochostos' – Hidden in the Sand – ABC Radio Documentary 2014

Those of us that can still feel... remain bewildered... traumatised... of the deliberate apathy... the deliberate cruelty... not of the barbarian Turks (a barbarian is a barbarian, a barbarian does not... feel) but those, all those that claim to represent the free world... shame on them!

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Photinus, a PYTHEAS preferred associate

PYTHEAS appoints Photinus as a Preferred Associate in Photovoltaic Energy solutions worldwide. Focussing on outdoor PVE lighting, Photinus, is an Austrian company with – to our point of view – incomparable to any other outdoor solar lighting developer and manufacturer products; characterised by intelligence and ingenuity, efficiency and durability (in all weather conditions), innovative design and aesthetics. 

Moreover, Photinus products provide the ultimate solution to outdoor lighting from every angle and aspect, in any part of the planet – and this in comparison to not only solar solutions but also conventional ones.

More on Photinus at:

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Dear friends,

We are excited to have launched our newly redesigned website; with a bold new look and enhanced navigation experience. 

Purposely only a soft launch, this site was designed for you, our valued friends and clients! We will be delighted and honoured if you submit your comments, suggestions and queries.

Reflecting our organisation’s culture, we wanted to offer a website with a point of view; that is crisp, clear and concise but at the same time informative and interactive.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Management

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The vulnerability of the EU to energy supply risks is a fact! The EU requires now more than ever a secure flow of oil and gas. Can Turkey though be a trusted energy partner? Can the Cypriots trust the fate of their hydrocarbons to a country that has invaded their country and holds illegally almost 40% of their land? Even if there is a “settlement” to the Cyprus problem, can Turkey be trusted? Can Israel trust Turkey? 

These are questions that need to be answered, if a pipeline through Turkey is going to be a sustainable energy solution… We are all anxious to see if anyone will ever be able to answer these basic but valid questions… And what about the hydrocarbons of Greece? Isn’t this a variable that should be also considered?

The challenge ahead for the EU is to manage these new variables in the equation of the Southeastern Mediterranean region with ultimate responsibility and Europeanism so as to guarantee and improve the prospects, economic and social, of its citizens. Not to support a Project that will be against the interests of a partner, Cyprus, and its own…

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Only a couple of days ago there has been another terrorist attack and an explosion; target the Arab Gas Pipeline in the Sinai. It makes one wonder, if the decision of Israel to supply natural gas from its Tamar field to Jordan and Israel a realistic one...
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