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How hearing aids work
A hearing
aid is a piece of electronic device which assists in restoring sound to persons
with impaired hearing by the amplification of the sound. It does this by
picking up the sound waves arriving at the external ear, processing them and
sending the ampli...

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What is Stress?
Stress is the way our body reacts to physical, mental or
emotional pressure. Modern living conditions involve some level of pressure to
which our body attempts to adjust. Every individual has a pressure threshold
above which pressure turns into stress. The ...

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How Do I Get Rid of Candida Infection?
                                          Click here to buy a copy on eBay Getting rid of yeast infection goes beyond the application of a specific therapy. A  complete treatment plan , which incorporates appropriate lifestyle changes as well as other neces...

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Get Rid of Your Tinnitus
                                                    Do you perceive unwanted ringing, buzzing, whistling,
hissing or humming sounds in one or both of your ears? Does it interfere with
your everyday life, sometimes making you feel depressed, irritable and gi...

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Seeking Assistance for Chronic Fatigue
The role of assistance or support in dealing with chronic fatigue
cannot be overemphasized. It is therefore advisable that you solicit support as
soon as the condition is suspected. In the first place, assistance will be
required in establishing a diagnosis...

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What is Chronic Fatigue?
Chronic fatigue is a condition characterised by a persistent
feeling of tiredness or weakness. It lasts for more than six months and is not
attributed to any specific medical diagnosis. For this reason, it is often
misdiagnosed and so it is difficult to det...

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Reducing Your Risk of Getting Osteoporosis
is a condition where your bones weaken. Rather than being dense and sturdy
structures, they become porous and fragile. This leads to fractures. The most
common fractures are the hips, the spine, and the wrists. Hip and spinal
fractures, as you ...

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Allergies and how to avoid them
An allergy is an exaggerated reaction by our immune
system in response to exposure to certain foreign substances. These foreign
substances are normally seen by the body as harmless in non-allergic
individuals and so no response is elicited. In allergic indi...

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Keep Your Heart Healthy
Heart disease accounts for more than 40% of deaths in the
United States alone. It is therefore imperative that you and others you love
learn how to keep the heart healthy. The good news is that this leading cause
of death can be prevented. How? By learning ...

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Take Control of Your Health by Keeping Your Emotions in Check
Life is full of stresses, surprises, challenges, and
frustrations. There are days when even the most optimistic and resilient people
may feel pushed to their limit. This stress is not only bad for your
disposition, it can also have a detrimental effect on y...
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