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Surely the Android team of Hangouts would deliver version 4.0 before iOS would get yet another update.  

Ha, who am I kidding? 4.1 was just pushed to iOS yesterday  with new features.  


I just found out that Sir Terry Pratchett died today. He is one of my all time favorite authors and will certainly be missed.

Just last night I finished reading The Wee Free Men with my daughter and I look forward to reading more discworld books to my kids.

It's rare to find a voice that can shine a light on the good and bad of human behavior but always do so through the lense of humor.

You will be missed.

Silly question.  

I own a Pure Edition Moto X 2014 running on T-Mobile.

Who is responsible for pushing OS updates to my phone?   I just had a chat with a motorola support rep who said:  

 "We are only the manufacture of your device and we are not in charge of sending any update unless your device doesn't have any telephone number. Android makes the update and this has been sent always thru your carrier including pure editions."

is that right?  I was under the impression that Motorola directly updated my phone since Tmobile doesn't sell or support it.

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Its free today! Go download and enjoy!

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I'm not saying you should, but if you were thinking of making the switch, this guide might be helpful.

You should switch.

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Today is hopefully the android L announcement along with details on the nexus 6. With so many good options out there, I'm still unsure which phone I should get. What do you think?
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Nexus 6
Nexus 6

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While I don't expect I'd be using it underwater, that's a nice feature to have!  Keeping an eye on availability for this one.

+T-Mobile will you be adding motomaker support for the new moto x?

+Motorola Mobility so the wait it's almost over, but what time is the announcement?

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Finally! An ad that doesn't depict all dads as lazy idiots!

This is a trend I hope continues. #howtodad

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