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Michael Hicks
I'm an author who enjoys writing so you can enjoy reading!
I'm an author who enjoys writing so you can enjoy reading!


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For those who've been waiting for it, REAPING THE HARVEST is now available for #Kindle , #Nook , #Kobo , #iBooks , and #GooglePlay . Enjoy!

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A good day on REAPING THE HARVEST - 3200 words and another chapter down. And Sasha the cat  insisted on auditioning for the cover art (I think he's jealous of Grumpy Cat)... ;-)

Time to watch Primeval!

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Here's another little (totally unedited) teaser for the upcoming final book of the Harvest trilogy, REAPING THE HARVEST... :-)

Terje followed two Marines into the nearly finished personnel building, the only one that had been inhabited, with five more Marines behind him. Threads of smoke filled the main corridor, and the men had to duck down to see and breathe. 

“Check the rooms,” he ordered, and the Marines methodically went into each apartment. 

His heart sank as they moved down the corridor, for every apartment that was occupied held only one or more bodies. Several were missing their heads, with a few missing other body parts that had been dissolved away. Any remaining doubts that harvesters were at the heart of this disaster fled his mind.

The smoke grew thicker, billowing from the stairwell, and the paint on the ceiling overhead began to blacken and blister from the fire that must be raging on the second level.

“Sir, you want us to try for upstairs?”

The Marine’s voice told Terje that he’d try if that’s what Terje wanted him to do, but he sure as hell didn’t want to.

All of them were coughing now from the acrid smoke, and Terje knew that they were not equipped to search a burning building; none of them had so much as a gas mask, all of which remained stowed in the LAV. 

No, he thought. Enough had died already. There was no point in risking these men to death from smoke inhalation or worse. If there were any harvesters still upstairs, they would either burn to death or claw their way through the walls to escape, for there were no windows and no fire escapes. The sprinkler system wasn’t working, which he found surprising. Then again, the building’s construction had been so rushed, the water lines may not yet have been connected.

He waved the Marine back, stifling a cough. “Get back outside and cover the building in case any harvesters try to escape from the second floor. Go.”

Terje waited until the Marines were past him and safely on their way to the front exit when he heard it. A soft cry from somewhere behind him.

Turning around to face back toward the stairwell, he listened. 

Only the crackling sounds of the fire upstairs reached his ears. 

Then the sound came again. This time he was certain he’d heard something, someone, calling out. The voice was coming from the stairwell...

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If you haven't read it already, FROM CHAOS BORN will be on sale the next few days for $0.99 (ebook format) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes...  :-)

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Okay, I'm back in the saddle: wrote about 2300 words this morning on REAPING THE HARVEST and will have the latest chapter finished tomorrow. Don't ask me how many chapters are left, though, as I don't know! LOL!

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For those who are looking for some bargain goodies this weekend, three of my novels are discounted over 50% off for the next few days... :-)

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I love caturday... :) if you don't know what its about... Check out my "History of Caturday" post here..

Join in on all the Caturday fun each and every Saturday :)

#caturday   #history  

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If you enjoy audiobooks or want to give one a try for free, check this out... :-)

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I'm honored that Amazon thought enough of one of my book covers to use it in one of their marketing blurbs, but it would have been nice if they had asked first and not airbrushed out the title...!
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