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Penjelasan Ringkas
PT. Wiratama Mitra Abadi experienced in the fie
I. Supply of enginerring products such as flow meter, 

Flow meter, Hydraulic Parts, Oil Skimer, Lquid flow meter, Linning clutch, Flow sensor, MAG, MICRO SENSOR, Lubricating Pump, Flow Control, Portable Flow Meter, Heavy Duty Connector, Gas analyzer, Hydraulic Seal, Pneumatic parts, Tacho Generator, Hubner, Cylnder, Seal Kit, Leel Control, Reflex Sensor, Spiral Bael Gear, Clutch and Brake, Cara Kerja Flow Meter, Belt Skimer, Steam Flow meter, Gas Flow Sensor, Electromagnetic, Magmeter, Water Meter, Vortex, Alia Flow Meter, FLoating Oil Skimmer, Hydraulic Breaker, Hydraulic Hammer, Precission Bearing, Quick die Change, Hydraulic die Clamp, Pneumatic Gear Motor, Air Motor, Oil Cooler, Fan Blower, Axial Blower, Index units, Stepping Motor, Connector Harting, Connector Nanaboshi, Position Gate, Porteble Flow Meter, Ultrasonic Sensor, ORIFICE, VORTEX, Diaphragm Pump, OVAL METER, SOLID FLOW METER, POWDER SENSOR, LEVEL POWDER, KANSAI SENSOR, TOKICO, FC Korea, etc.

II. WORKSHOP ( Improement, Repair, Modification and Manufacture )
Jig & Fixtur, Dies Expander, Gear, Punch, Stamp Holder, Stamp Marking, Ejector Pin, ShearBalde, Cutting Angle, Isolator Hanger, Spot Pn, Mould, Taper Jg, Cones, Bushing, Cylinder Hydraulic, Pulley, Flange, Fitting, Shaft, Cam Slider, Shuttle Roller, Drien Roller, Bracket, etc.
Hard Crome : Crank Shaft, Rod & Tube Hydraulic, Roll Met, Aluminium, Linner, Moulding, Dies, Shaft, Screw, Jig, Stainless Stell, Rel Gude, Beanding Rol, Pin Core, Acessoris, etc.

Mechanical Press Machine, Hydraulic Press Machine, Expander, Die Castng Machine, Forging Press, Roller, Sprue Cutting, Chiller, AC Central, Screw Compressor, Drill Multi Machine,Coneyor, Shot Blasting, Boiler, Gear Box, Pump, Hydrant.

Coneyor, Tank, Piping, Trolley, Rack, Canopy, Box Table, Gate, etc.

To Achiee the company purpose, PT. WIRATAMA MITRA ABADI will always deelop and expand cooperation to costumers and our partners.

Produk / Jasa Utama
Menjual :
- Coneector : Nanabosh Connector, Harting Connector, Hirose Connector, Sibas Conector gland cable, Pin, Contact, Housing, Hood dan type yang lainnya.
Flow Meter
Flow Meter, Ultrasonic, Coriolis, Mag, Magnetic, Electromagnetic, turbine, Orifice, Rotameter, Glas Tube, Padle, Sensor, switch, control, water meter, gas meter, Ultrasonic, hand held, etc.
Oil Skimmer
Oil Floating Removal, KOWA EMTECH, MINI SKIMMER, Scoop Robo, oil recoery, rope skimmer, oil separator, Choperator, Chip Grabber, Oil Water Sparator, Belt Skimmer, Disc Oil Skimmer, Drum Oil Skimmer, Floating Oil Skimmer, Pipe Skmmer, Sewage Scum Skimmer, Effluent Skimmer, Rope Oil Skimmer, Brush Oil Skimmer, etc.

Wenglor Sensor
Wenglor Sensor, Inductie Proximity Swithes, Inductie Analog Sensor, InoxSens, Ring Illuminator, Scanner CCD arry, OCR Read Color Sensor. Fork sensor, Plastic Fibre Optic Cable, Glass Fiber optic Cable Curtain, 

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