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Sean Green
Ensuring that stuff gets fixed
Ensuring that stuff gets fixed

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My children apparently wake up when I get ready for work and then they say "come back daddy," when I'm leaving for work.

Back into full swing of checking G+ again. Hooray.

David Cronenberg movies are weird but cool.

I'm apparently an INTP-T I don't understand it but whatever.

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I saw this posted on a discord server and was compelled to share.

Final Fantasy XV hype train gooooo!

Hey all you Veterans! Thank you for serving and Happy Veterans Day!

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Today is election day and while there is a presidential election going on, there are also state questions being asked and representatives to vote in or out. So it'd probably be a good idea to vote today. I've linked a site that is helpful to find out what's going to be going down in your state. Make your voice heard and vote. Note I'm not posting vote for blah blah blah, just freaking vote.

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I'm just going to post this here because I found it funny.

0118 999 881 999 119 7253
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