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Keeping the "Ed" in Tech-ed
There's no doubt, I am a "late-adopter." I didn't have a cell phone until I was 30 and I still sometimes long for the moment I can throw the whole thing in and buy the Jitterbug, a cell phone that resembles an old rotary phone more than a smart phone. While...

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I though of this great parody after our conversation this am. Enjoy!

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Staying positive
This week's challenge requires that we reflect on strategies for staying positive during the semester. Maintaining a favorable attitude requires a strong sense of self and purpose. A teacher often guides her students by modeling a philosophy, which in turn ...

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Who Doesn't Love a Fresh Start?
"The beginning is the most important part of the work" - Plato Last semester, as the Doldrums set in, I fantasized about this moment. The beginning of spring semester became the beacon which I limped towards; a place in time where all my blunders and missed...

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SWCBloggers: Challange #3
If you raised your
children to believe in Sana Clause, you'll understand the parallels. As with
Santa, a giant conspiracy protects them from the truth. We come up with
elaborate explanations to explain the unexplainable and change the subject when
they get ...

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Regrets? I have had a few...
I have been considering the moments in my life when things did not go my way; at times, opportunities just did not pan out. I mourned their loss and moved on. Was there an opportunity I missed that actually helped me in life? I have been searching this mudd...

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Ah Shucks!
Reader Advisory Warning: The following blog contains a heartwarming anecdote.
Potential side effects include nausea, headache, and in extreme cases,
temporarily high blood sugar levels. If you experience symptoms, discontinue
reading and contact your physic...
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