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Viva la revolucíon
Viva la revolucíon


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I wrote a little something on git aliases, basically as a way to talk about some schweet git log and git diff settings I’ve found. Hope you like it!

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I was really excited when Amazon announced they now support HTML5 and CSS3 in Kindle Format 8… until I found out what they actually support.
Hint: it’s not HTML5 or CSS3. Not even close ;(

Web stack for ebooks already, someone! Plzzz???

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Facebook just launched the HTML5 Resource Center. A clean summary of the state of the art when it comes to HTML5 and webapp development. Recommendations for Backbone, Sproutcore, Modernizr, Yepnope, polyfills, etc.

Love pages like this webapp architecture overview

Visit /via +Eric Bidelman

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GitHub has a great service called GitHub Pages, where they’ll serve your project’s website for you. With a CNAME setting you can even have this appear on your own domain. However, the default setup assumes that you’ll work in the master branch, and have a gh-pages branch with separate content for the project’s website.

I only wanted one branch, so here’s an article on how I set things up and deleted master from GitHub. I’ve also linked to GitHub Pages workflow articles by +Lea Verou and +Nicolas Gallagher .

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In case you've had trouble convincing people that things should look different across browsers, hopefully this'll help...

Delivering speed and delivering a good UX is more important than visual or functional consistency.

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Hi everyone!

We've heard from a lot of Google+ users wanting an easier way to understand posts written in other languages. I'm an engineer on Google Translate and thought we could do something about that.

That's why I'm happy to announce our Chrome extension, Google Translate for Google+, that using the power of Google Translate, can automatically translate any post or comment into more than 50 languages.

Once you've installed the extension, refresh Google+ and you'll see Translate links next to posts and comments. Click the links to instantly see translations.

You can get the extension here:

We hope you'll give it a try and let us know what you think!

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I’ve updated my HTML5 Doctor article “Extending HTML5 — Microdata” with:
* info
* browser support (Opera 12 dev release!)
* new tools (PHP Microdata Parser, Mida,, generators)
* better explanation of global identifiers/itemid
* standalone example files
* an example of Live Microdata JSON output

Check it out at #html5

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If you have an interest in attending SXSW (or if you don't) here is a selection of talks that are worth hearing. Please help to upvote them.

TOP PICKS: dbaron (mozilla's css czar) on how browsers work. See also Faster HTML and CSS: Layout Engine Internals for Web Developers CSS3 is omg so passé. Learn what's up with CSS4. browser developer tools (including ME!)

GAMEY game dev in html5 from zynga Building great games in HTML5 Erik Möller - emberwind Leaving Flatland: getting started with WebGL -@philogb& wife @gerbille What WebGL will mean for the Web

DEVICES html5 touch interfaces from flickr Opera's Andreas on responsive design

CSS CSS3 Animations, feat Francis Phan & Estelle Weyl Estelle's workshop andy hume - css best practices

BROWSERS browserwars. this panel is always epic (last year: )

MISC @smcbride from typekit talking @font-face chris mills - html5 now polyfill talk mobile html5 for decision makers rob larsen espouses the facts behind the html5 vs native debate

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More coolness from #csssummit. Paul, Estelle and Lea also used web-based slide decks. Anyone else?
Did a CSS Performance talk at the CSS Summit (online conf) today. Slides are here: I talked about Reflows, Selector and Rule performance, Expensive style properties, Polyfills and Debugging & Tools.

The slide deck probably doesn't make a lot of sense solo. I'm going to record a screencast soon to capture this talk. In the meantime my screencast dives into reflows well.
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