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LongExposure Thursday
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An incredible atmosphere with perfect tones! Well done dear +Felix Inden!! 
Last day of my   #fivedayquest  

I was kindly invited by +Markus Landsmann a photodigital artist from Leverkusen, Germany.
His portfolio showcases many nice landscape and cityscape images and he also writes about his processing on his blog. Check him out!

I would like to invite my friend +Zsolt Kiss  
Soon he will be living in arctic norway and offer phototours year round.
That makes it possible to very flexibly book his tours without planning to much on fix dates. Be sure to check out his profile and circle him.

There are 3 simple rules to absolve:
1) post 5 shots on 5 days
2) use the tag #fivedayquest  
3) tag a circlefriend to join in, mentioning the original person who tagged you too

"liquid gold"

For the las day of my #5dayquestphotochallenge  i have chosen one of my personal favourite shots so far.
I took it during my first and spontaneous solo venture into the arctic winter in march 2013.
I slept in a tent in a blizzard for 3 days and almost lost faith in coming back with nice images from this trip.

But the light came to visit me on the last 2 days, making this the trip of a lifetime for me. I had a lot of time to discuss with myself ;) and think about different things in my life.

After a borig sunset, suddenly a nice glow appeared and i realized that this time the light pollution of Svolvaer, capitol of Lofoten islands in Norway would make the shot special. I was happy and staid there shooting for hours until my lens got frozen after i had to cough.

I hope you like it!

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Epic light in this marvelous work from +Eugene Madatov! #longexposurethursday   
Milk Of Hair
Watkins Glen Park, NY
Another shot from the gorge for day 1 of 5 of yet another #fivedayquest This time I got invited by +Carsten Schlipf - the curator of a very nice +FramedSubjectFriday theme. Today I'd like to invite my friend +roma g whose company I enjoyed at the park

Rules are :
1) post 5 shots on 5 days.
2) use the tag #fivedayquest .
3) tag a friend you want to invite and mention the original person who tagged you.

#ThirstyThursdayPics #thurstythursday by +Giuseppe Basile and +Mark Esguerra
#longexposurethursday +LongExposure Thursday by +Francesco Gola +Luca Gerardi;
#promotephotography by +Promote Photography
#everythinggreen +Everything Green by +andi rivarola
#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins +Carra Riley +paul t beard +David Heath Williams +Bill Wood +Jim Warthman +Ben T +Jeff Beddow +Tom Hierl  +Vishal Kumar  +Michael Blyde  +Carolyn Lim  +Steve Gould  +Jay Gould
#HQSPLandscape +HQSP Landscape by +Johnny Minor +Terrie Gray +dietmar rogacki and +Lani Banadera +Aamir Shahzad +Stefan Kierek
#BTPLandscapePro +BTP Landscape Pro +Nancy Dempsey +Rinus Bakker
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A perfect exposure from our friend and Light Master +Rodney Campbell! #longexposurethursday   
Standing Tall

Manhattan Skyline, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
NIKON D600 + 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0 @ 26 mm, 309 sec at f/10, ISO 200
See it large for the best view

Before I leave New York and start on my images from the Hawaii half of our journey I had to share a few more images of these fantastic poles with the Manhattan skyline behind at twilight

Here I’d moved over towards the far right with the taller poles sticking out of the water and a tighter view of the Manhattan skyline along with a lazy 5+ minute exposure for good measure…

All in all I was very happy with the result of my evenings outing – it’s a fantastic location and I felt confident I’d come away with some good shots

I was wondering how safe it was going to be wandering the streets and subway system of New York alone late at night – it was almost 10PM before I caught the subway back, but there were still people everywhere – Brooklyn Bridge Park was still a hive of activity and the trains whilst not packed were still reasonably full even at this late hour on a Sunday night

#nyc #manhattan #longexposure
+LongExposure Thursday curated by +Francesco Gola +Luca Gerardi #longexposurethursday
+Night Photography Friday curated by +Mark Hammon +Steve Passlow #NightPhotographyFriday
#promotephotography +Promote Photography
+Stunning Moment curated by +Alycia Miller +Zvonimir Fras #stunningmoment
+ShowYourBestWork by +Britta Rogge & +Rita Gijbels #showyourbestwork
+Photo Mania Australia by +Tony Heyward, +Dave Tomek & +Gerard Blacklock #PhotoManiaAustralia
#hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape curated by +Michael Garza +Nader El Assy +Vinod Krishnamoorthy+Luca Ferroglio +Craig Loxley +Dorothy Pugh
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+The Magic of Light curated by +Ray Bilcliff +Hamid Dastmalchi +Paul Stein #themagicoflight
#hqspnight +HQSP Night curated by +Dirk Müller +Patrick Spuij
+Cityscape Photos curated by +Robert SKREINER
+Nightscapes curated by +Jesse Martineau +Patrick Zeiler #nightscapes
+BTP Landscape Pro curated by +Nancy Dempsey +Rinus Bakker #BTPLandscapePro
+BTP Cityscape Pro curated by +Carey St. Hilaire +Best Top Photographer Group #BTPCityscapePro
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A marvelous bseascape from our italian friend +Tommaso Di Donato! #longexposurethursday  
My long-awaited photo tour left me with an even stronger desire to left again... Is this a curse? I really do not know..
The weather was not perfect at all: no sun for a dive, no epic skies for photography. Uniformly grey... 

Viticcio, under a light rain.
Sharing for :
+Wide Angle Wednesday  curated by  +Asif Patel #WideAngleWednesday
+Coastal Thursday  curated by  +David Polzine +Jon Kahn #CoastalThursday
+LongExposure Thursday  curated by  +Francesco Gola +Luca Gerardi #longexposurethursday
+Fotografi Italiani / Italian Photographers by +Gemma Costa (as well as +Breakfast Club , of course!)
+HQSP Landscape +ShowYourBestWork +Dubie Bacino +HQSP Promotion +Fine Art Fantastic Photos +FineArt Emotions Group 
+Shot Magazine 
+Foto Mania Italia +Best Top Photographer Group +BTP Landscape Pro +BTP Daily Highlight +BTP Editor's Choice (Best Top Photographer's page) 
+Landscape Photography 
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Powerful sky in a lovely composition from +José Ramos! #longexposurethursday  
"Vortex" | Alvor (Portugal)

"Into the Vortex of thoughts, images and reflections.

Because in the end all you need to know is that you will still be alive..."

José Ramos ©

3 stop soft ND grad + 4 stop ND filter 
Exposure blend with three consecutive exposures to achieve properly exposed image.

#landscape   #photography   #longexposure   #longexposurephotography   #landscapephotography   #portugal   #portugalphotography   #portugaltravel   #algarve   #boat   #duskphotography   #stunningmoment   #photomaniaportugal  
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Alsonso knows exactly how to reach our heart! #longexposurethursday  
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Awesome shot from our friend +Felix Inden! #longexposurethursday  
"lovely Reine"
The picturesque fishertown Reine on Lofoten islands, Norway
I´d appreciate if you follow my photography page :)

24mm, ISO50, f11, 280", ND 3.0

+LongExposure Thursday +LongExposures #norwaylandscapephotography #lofotenislands   +Felix Inden Photography 
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Minimal composition but great visual impact in this work from +Jason Beaven #longexposurethursday  

I was so happy when i saw this image on the back of the Camera. I was just looking and thinking Yes, got it.

This group of Rocks are located at Redhead Beach NSW, Australia. It was my first time there and it won't be my last.

For #longexposurethursday  +LongExposure Thursday Curated by +Francesco Gola & +Luca Gerardi 

#bwfineartle  +Joel Tjintjelaar 
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Tomorrow's Whispers
For #longexposurethursday  & #close2home  

PSA - Browse the #hashtags you post to.  This will bring you outside your normal browse and support the people sharing to the theme.  If you really like a shot make sure they are in your circles!

#blackandwhite   #monochrome   #bwfineartle  
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