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Erik Deckers
Professional blogger, public speaker, book author, humor writer
Professional blogger, public speaker, book author, humor writer

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What Does Your State Hate?
I'm a little offended, Indiana. Apparently, you hate bloggers. I'm a blogger! I lived in Indiana for 45 years, made my career out of blogging, and yet my home state hates bloggers? I even blogged for the state of Indiana, for crying out loud! I guess I can'...

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The Debate of the Ages: Cake or Pie?
Hey Karl, cake or pie? "There's pie?" asked Karl. "Never mind, I'm on Atkins right now. So, no carbs." No, there's no pie, I said. Just answer the question: cake or pie? "If there's no pie, then why are you even asking?" Karl plonked his beer on the bar. We...

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My Application for NASA Planetary Protection Officer
Dear NASA, Our planet is a fragile orb in a hostile galaxy. We face threats both here on Earth — climate change, the lizard people who live at the center of the planet, plastic grocery bags — as well as threats from "out there." Whether it's asteroids, alie...

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How Did We Survive Bad Parental Advice?
When I was a kid, I was convinced parents and teachers gave terrible advice. When it came to dealing with playground issues — bullies, being teased, being picked on — they had no clue what was going on in a kid's world or how to handle certain problems. Now...

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The Olathe, Kansas State of the City Address
My fellow Olatheans, it has been a wonderful year, after a whole string of wonderful years. And as your mayor, I am proud to deliver my state of the city address in this year of our Lord, 2037. It's hard to imagine that we would go from the nation's 193rd l...

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Four Pieces of Sage Advice on Job Hunting
Most of us know the pain and frustration of an extended job search, especially if you were looking several years ago during the Great Recession, when jobs were scarce and companies were going out of business. Even now, several years later, I know people who...

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Which Part of 'No' Don't You Understand?
Erik is out of the office this week partly because of the Fourth of July week, but also because it was his birthday the week before. He retreated to some spa, whining about his "mouth wrinkles," so we're republishing a piece from 2003. It's not something I ...

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Millennials to Blame for Killing Napkins
Millennials are blamed for a lot of things these days, and they don't deserve it. Well, most of it. Some of it. I mean, I blame hipsters for a lot of things, like skinny jeans, flannel shirts in summer, and man buns, and I think we can all get on board with...

I'm trying to reacquaint myself with Google+. I heard it was dying, so I sort of abandoned it, only to find out rumors of its demise were greatly exaggerated, and I need to write about it for the new 3rd edition of Branding Yourself.

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My New Ken Doll Ideas for Mattel
Barbie's erstwhile, if anatomically challenged, companion Kenneth (Ken) Carson is finally getting a makeover. After Barbie has been redesigned and reimagined dozens of times over the last 58 years, Mattel has released 15 different variations of Ken, in all ...
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