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This is seriously one of the worst paneras I have ever been too. Wether going inside or through the drive thru, service is always slower then slow. I waited a solid 15 minutes in line in the drive thru for a bagel and large iced coffee; there was two ppl in the drive thru when I ordered and only one after I ordered. Then they messed up my order. Ridiculous. Also, I was there at 4pm the other day and they were out of all types of bagels. Never agAin. Worst panera ever!
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This club is over crowded and unclean. 1. They added a TRX turf section to make the weight areas even more crowded. I go to this BSC 6 times a week, and it was already crowded before they added this (as well as before the new years rush). It was already rough in the weight lifting areas, but now they are so densely packed I fear injury during a set from someone running into me or my weights. They constantly member drive for an already overpopulated gym, expand the space (consider getting rid of a studio or bicycle room and combining them into a single space). The also eliminated a whole section of weight training machines in the 2nd floor, causing more beginners to flood to the areas where they lack experience and have any idea what to do. 2. The bathroom and floor is constantly unclean. a. The bathroom is almost always out of paper towels and in complete disarray. b. There are dust and dirt everywhere, and not once have I seen the cleaning crew attempting to rectify this 3. The money for upkeep of the facility is being poorly implemented. Rather then updating equipment (both weight and cardiovascular, which are old and in disrepair) there was a new unnecessary paint job, shower "upgrade", and the aformentioned TRX turf area (meanwhile the lockers were also left in awful condition). 4. If you need a trainer, make sure to go to Bron. He is the only trainer in relatively good shape and has any clue what he is doing. (note they have an entire new training staff, unable to retain previous other good trainers who have all left I assume to poor management and the afformentioned space issues). One final note on the TRX turf area. I am not against it being put it, just the fact there is a lack of space for it in this particular BSC. I frequent the BSC in Westborough, where they have a lot more space and less over member crowding where it works. Also, when I questioned the Customer service manager about it, he lied and said there were 0 complaints and everyone loved it, while on the weight floor not one member was heard not complaining about it. Your options are limited in the Boston downtown area, but I have been a member for about two years now, and every "improvement" they have made has been the complete opposite, creating a dangerous, unsanitary place to work out. Avoid this place like the plague. I can't wait until I can finally leave this place.
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Liars, criminals, and rude!! I needed a quick move up from Orlando fl to the north east. I called and spoke to Jessica while pricing out quotes, who was extremely nice, efficient, and helpful to begin... However once I made my deposit, she began to always give me the run around, with "ill have to call you back", and then never return my call. I found this strange, but wrote it off as they were just busy; and then... The movers showed up a little early, which I was okay with since i was in a hurry to leave. All of the info I gave to Jessica was moot. My grand total came out to more than 1000 dollars over the estimate (including charges such as 40 dollars for a box, and 20 dollars for a mattress bag, which was never part of the agreement). I got in several arguments with the movers (who i swear kept insulting me in another language...) who insisted they could not take certain items unless they sold me 40 dollar boxes (and I am talking about things like couch cushions!). They also forgot at tool kit, and were angry when I had nothing to give them to break down my furniture (I would also later find out they ripped some parts of my bed apart since they lacked a screwdriver/drill.... I had to buy all new wood to go on the base).It also took over 3.5 hrs to load the truck. I owned maybe 700sqft of stuff??? this was also ridiculous to me, I ended up leaving 2 hrs later than I had anticipated. It then took 2 full weeks for the stuff to arrive, and when it did, over 50% of the boxes were damaged, there were broken book shelves, dvd cases, and lamps. My only positive thing I can say about the company is the guys that arrived with my stuff were very polite and understanding (they even offered to help me with some things that normally they would have to charge for). As a whole, Oceans moving focuses on getting your business and then they could care less about you or your possessions. I would never call them again, and the only reason I am not filing a lawsuit or seeking retribution is the sheer fact that I never want to have to deal with them again. Whoever is running this company needs a quick lesson on business ethics and how to keep your customers happy (i am going to assume the positive reviews on google are fake, and from said owner... what a joke, stay away peoples, these guys are trash)
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This rating only applies to the men's suit department/area... I went in to get sized for a tuxedo I will be purchasing from Macy's for an upcoming wedding. The first sales associate (African American fellow, around noon on 4/8) who was either racist or completely clueless to the term customer service. He yelled at me "what do you want" and beckoned the other sales associate over (who was with another customer) to help me, yelling some incoherrent response and pointing at me... He then continued to do absolutely nothing but stand around looking lost. The other employee, while a tad nicer, was completely useless as well. When I gave him the item number, and he realized the jacket was not in stock at this macy's, he quickly started dodging my questions and then just walked away. Ultimately, I kept following him and pestering him til I got a half answer on the size I should order (both employees wouldnt give me the time of day for a measurement). Now mind you, I ended up ordering this Tuxedo from Macy's online... so this isnt really a review of the store, but rather the two bumbling employees they have in the Men's suit area of this particular Macys. Avoid them at all costs everyone.
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