Yay Magrath! I can report that the Magrath Lions Community No Cost Clothing event concluded today (Fri 29/Sat 30 Aug 2014) and seemed to go extremely well, despite the numbers away this last long weekend. Many volunteers took time to help us man the sorting desk and run the event. You donated an amazing amount of clothing (250+ large garbage bags of clothes were donated in during the collection week and sorted out on Fri with only 21 xlarge bags remaining on Sat to be picked up by Diabetes Society on Wed). Over 210 large bags of clothes were acquired by 100's of patrons. Many dedicated workers were involved with over 200 man hours recorded to run the event plus those who helped but declined to sign in and out. The event closed at 2pm Sat and we were able to pack up everything quite quickly and put the tables all back in place by 3:30pm and locked up by 4pm. Yay again.
No Cost Clothing 2014
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