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Now Everyone’s Watching

I cannot thank the people who have given me their support enough. It has been a challenging but incredible week for me.

And I should move on.

The Steve/Apple design falls well within the visual vocabulary I’m used to adopting, but I do not wish to be defined by it. Because expectations can be a terrible thing.

Not everything I post here will be pithy and minimalistic. I post rough experiments I am not necessarily happy with. I swear. I complain. The last thing I want is to word every entry perfectly as if I am writing a press release each time I have something to share. Everything here is just a record of the things I do, for better or worse.

Of course, I will be insulting whoever’s reading this if I assume those are the unreasonable expectations they have of me. But it needs to be said, if only for my own sake.

I am still young, and have a long way to go. Last week has changed me, but not the fact that this blog is my playground.

Obligatory disclaimer: I am by no means comparing myself to Mr. Jobs.

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