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Brad Nicholson
Reader, writer, lover of media and tech
Reader, writer, lover of media and tech

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Whoa, there, +TouchArcade is a thing now! All podcast jokes will eventually come true!

Heads up: Get behind your new editor-in-chief, +Dale North, Destructoid fans. Dale and I never got as close as I would have liked for us to be when I worked under him, but I’ve always admired and celebrated his even-handedness, his knowledge of the industry, and his humor. He’s an extremely gifted dude who taught me a lot and I don’t doubt the he has a ton of new and fun stuff to share with all of you. Best of wishes, Dale, and congratulations.

Also, +Nick Chester stinks and I've just discovered that I can flex my pecs to the rhythm of Closer by Nine Inch Nails, no problem.

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Yeah, it was radical!
Guested on The TouchArcade Show this week. Give it a listen! Why not subscribe, too? (Many thanks to +Brad Nicholson and +Eli Hodapp for the opportunity to talk iOS/mobile games with them.)

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Mobile needs games like this.

My only regret about the slaughter of every police officer in new Detroit's station is that I couldn't tell the clerk "I'll be back" and drive a car through his shit. Otherwise, that was pretty fun! I hope the world doesn't hate me now.

Seems likely that Grand Prix Story will be the next Kairosoft stateside release.

Frantically trying to finish Crysis 2 before Deus Ex: Human Revolution hits. It's my second to last game on my backlog. Red Faction: Armageddon is the other one, but my save corrupted, meaning I'd have to start the entire game all the way over after dropping 6-7 hours into it.

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Guys, I just finished with a draft about an iOS game called HungryMaster. I'm pretty sure it's riffing on translations and the overall quality of old-school import games. Even if it's not, it's horrifically charming. The bad news is that it was obviously built with a controller in mind. It rocks on the iCade as a result, but I'm pretty sure I can't recommend it without one. (The short version: the movement and shooting mechanics are too closely tied, so the action gets pretty muddled.)

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I imagined that this side of my desk would never be completely occupied, but then the iCade happened. It's hard to be a minimilist when you cover video games.

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I play a lot of Civilization for the iPad and these kinds of moments have yet to lose their... spark over the last year or so.
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