Do you remember the #Playbook  I received at #codemotion  in Venice?
Well, after waiting soooo long for the new, beauty and shiny #BB10  port (to play with Cascades and, more generally, Qt and QML), BlackBerry kindly decided to not provide a port for it.
Fair enough: BB's IDE ships with  Qt libraries, so I could play with it in any case on the old OS ...
Well, actually not.
In their IDE, the New Project wizard has basic examples in C only: if you try to make a new C++ project, you get a completely empty one. No matter how much I tweaked the build system, I didn't get a simple Qt project to compile, and in their developer home ( there is no tutorial at all written in C++/Qt even if their NDK ships with it :\
After some research, I found this  which works, but why on earth do I have to use all these commands when there's a IDE that is supposed to do that for me? And why I have to compile Qt when the NKD already ships with it ?? ... 'nuff said.
Ok, at this point I'm sick of #blackberry  , it's NDK, it's Qt support; now it's really time to erase everything and install some linux distro and play with #kde  plasma active.
Aaaand... you can't, because of its locked bootloader !
Well, thank you BlackBerry.
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