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Biscuits and Tea with William
Ramblings on things that interest William. Follow if you're interested!
Ramblings on things that interest William. Follow if you're interested!

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WTF is going on with British primary school assessment?
I feel for my UK teacher friends... WTF is going on with British primary school assessment? I always hated teaching English because languages, by their very nature, simply defy clear-cut, 'logical' rules and yet everywhere we're expected to teach rules. Tea...

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My new favourite Japanese word
I love the Japanese word komorebi . It has no English equivalent; try typing it into Google Translate . I was looking for an image to represent komorebi when I remembered this video I recorded at a folk music festival in Sheffield a couple of years ago. I w...

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My first week living in Japan
It's half past 10pm on Tuesday the 22nd of December, and this time last week I was out cold on my newly-made futon bed, on my own in a cold and unfamiliar apartment, exhausted from my long journey to Japan. Here's a summary of my first week living in Japan....

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Missile Game
I made a game! I used Scratch, which is a child-friendly platform used in schools around the world to teach programming. This is a simple ballistics game, with two turrets taking turns to shoot each other on destructible terrain.

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Cambridge Folk Festival 2015
Just got back from 4 days at Cambridge Folk Festival and it was great fun! I tried to take plenty of photos when I wasn't dancing or fiddling or being silly or entertaining nephews/cousins-once-removeds. It was really fun; I found a new group I really enjoy...

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Japan 2015 - Kyoto
This post was written a day late because, shockingly, the airport where I'm currently sitting is more comfortable and has better wifi than where I was staying last night. After my fun evening out in Himeji, I set off early in the morning to get to Kyoto as ...

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Japan 2015 - last day, in Osaka
Today was my last day in Japan! Boo! I woke up early in my prison cell, because I had to be out by 9 or else pay for another night, and headed out into a really cold morning in the middle of Osaka! It was early and everywhere was still mostly closed, and th...

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Japan 2015 - Himeji
This morning I left a very different homestay in Sakai, just south of Osaka (I chose it because it was the only place available anywhere near Osaka in my price range on the Saturday evening). It as a funny house down a narrow ramshackle street owned by a fa...

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Japan 2015 - Osaka
These are the pictures I'll use; I'll add the text later cos I'm tired now.

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Japan 2015 - Kashihara Shrine and Mount Yoshino
Today I left my hosts in the morning to embark on my own on the Japanese train system! My mission was to make my way to Mount Yoshino, which is a nice climb with beautiful views of the sakura which are in blossom this week and probably only this week for th...
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