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Network Cell Info Manual v2 [ PDF: ]

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NEW Release 3.24.1-BETA is available!
It features SIM# preference setting (switch to SIM2 for the Map or Plot tabs)

#networkcellinfo #android #wireless #networkcellinfolite

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WiFi: New BETA Release 3.20 of Network Cell Info Lite, with WiFi in the Gauge Tab is available for testing!

More details here:

#lte #4g #networkcellinfo #androidapps #wireless #android #rf #phy 

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Network Cell Info, New Release 3.6 []

What is new: 

* Map memory caching, incl. measurement and cell location markers (provided you exit app through power off)

* Sound notifications when wireless network technology generation (2G/3G/4G) and cell id change (OFF by default; you may turn them ON inside the Settings)

* Various optimizations

#networkcellinfo #lte   #4g   #wireless   #projectfi   #android   #androidapps  

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Network Cell Info Lite, New Release 4.3.

Release 3.4.0
* Raw tab: 100% UI replacement (full restructure)
* LTE: Main Gauge small left "LCD" now showing SNR (if available) instead of ASU
* Heavy update for CDMA phones using old API
* Improved app behaviour for more phones
Older changes
* Database export type Mozilla MLS Geosubmit added
* Map setting to record measurements when location accuracy is below a threshold

#networkcellinfo   #lte   #4g   #wireless   #androidapps  

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How much 4G is your network with cellular data ON and OFF? Find out using latest Network Cell Info android app! (only in Google Play Store)
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Release 2.5.2 of Network Cell Info is available,  with 2G/3G/4G notification added in the notification area. In more detail:


* 2G/3G/4G notification added in the notification area
* Updates are turnt on automatically when browsing to the Map tab for first time
* Plot auto-zoom optimization
* Bug fix in the Map functionality
* Bug fix in the y-axis tick numbers display format
* Added CPU architecture and battery level in the device info (note also the existing System Info dialog inside the app's settings)

#lte   #android   #androidapps   #technews  

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