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Is It Possible To Outmanuever The Corporate State Legally? CELD Says Yes
I'd like to introduce you to Thomas Linzey & Mari Margil. I recently had the pleasure of coming across this incredible video. In it Thomas Linzey and Mari Margil make an argument for democracy over the corporate state with regard to local agricultural right...

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The Hunt For Profitability
In 2014, I began writing for several financial publications for fun ( Investopedia , SeekingAlpha ).
What started out as a hobby soon became an obsession as corporate
analysts and managers began contacting me with research requests related
to published a...

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A New Kingdom: The Corporate State
the lecture above, Noam Chomsky discusses the state of human relations
and our existence within an international and historical context. The
most interesting aspect of the lecture is the discussion of the
corporate state and its ownership of over 50%...

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Southwest Has Fastest Growing GDP, Nicholas Lattanzio Accused of Operating Phony Hedge Fund
BEA said that GDP increased in 48 states in 2014. The data was made
available today and shows that professional, scientific, and technical
services were the leading contributors. Real GDP grew 2.2% for the
entire US in 2014, and 1.9% in 2013. The fa...
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